MyNetworkTV Added To DIRECTV NOW Lineup

DIRECTV NOW subscribers in certain cities found a little something extra in their channel lineup last week – another local broadcast channel. DIRECTV NOW recently confirmed that MyNetworkTV has indeed been added to their live packages where it’s available.

If you’re not familiar with the network, it’s an over the air broadcast station that started in 2006. It’s owned by Fox today, but when it began, it was made up of UPN and WB affiliates who chose not to join the merger into The CW. The station mostly shows rebroadcasts or recent shows, but also has classic movies and sitcoms, plus occasional live sports (like lacrosse and soccer) in a few cities. The network broadcasts in more than 200 cities around the US today.

PlayStation Vue subscribers know the channel has been available on that service for a while now, so this marks a good pickup for DIRECTV NOW. Of course, a channel that mostly shows old movies and shows is hardly enough to make someone choose one service over the other, but it’s nice to have a similar lineup.

MyNetorkTV is known for only having 10 hours of prime time shows each week, with a two hour block showing Monday through Friday evenings from 8 to 10 p.m. That makes it one of only two broadcast networks in the whole country without prime time weekend shows.

This is an over the air broadcast station, meaning people without cable already likely had access to it. But there’s never a bad time to pick up more channels, so DIRECTV NOW subscribers should be pretty pleased with this addition overall. The new channel should be especially popular with people who are fans of the local sports teams carried on MyNetworkTV, as there’s probably not another streaming option to watch those contests.

Subscribers can check to see if MyNetworkTV is available in their area by using DIRECTVNOW’s local channel search.


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