NBC Launches New Streaming News Show on Snapchat

NBC seems to be attempting to court millennials with the launch of a new cable-and-television-free news program which will stream on an unlikely platform: Snapchat. The twice-daily streaming news series is called Stay Tuned and features a mix of the day’s top headlines from pop culture and entertainment, sports, as well as national and international news. The two-and-a-half minute news program streams daily at 7am and 4pm EST on weekdays, and 1pm on weekends.

The show already boasts a staff of 30 writers, anchors, and crew and is filmed in New York. Since it’s being distributed free to Snapchat users, Stay Tuned is funded through advertisements and sponsorships. NBC News’ head of digital content Nick Ascheim says the show is intended to target today’s younger cable cutters who might not yet have a way to access daily news without a television provider:

We’re assuming the audience is not necessarily attuned to every last coming and going with the news, but we’re also assuming that they have a real hunger for what’s going on in the world. They don’t watch television in the traditional, linear sense, but they’re ready and willing to consume lots of video on their phones.

Well, there’s always reading the newspaper, you know. But hey, who has time for that anymore?

NBC’s launch of Stay Tuned comes on the heels of other recent development which hint at a future where the industry’s largest content creators might soon distribute their programming directly over social media without the need for television distribution models or even dedicated streaming services. Facebook is busy signing deals with studios and networks to launch their new Facebook TV live streaming service, while Twitter has inked streaming broadcast agreements with some of the world’s most-watched sport leagues. Could the future of cable cutting be in the hands of social media? It makes sense, given how many other institutions and interactions are now governed by or made over social media. I guess we’ll have to get used to a world where content has to be condensed down to a few minutes in length and optimized for tiny handheld screens. So long, nuance and depth.

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