Netflix Announces Three New “Recommended TVs” That Make Streaming Easier

While streaming content from Netflix certainly isn’t difficult with most televisions today, Netflix is taking the time to point out three new TVs that make streaming their content easier than ever before.

The company issues a “Recommended TVs” list several times a year with sets that make special efforts to incorporate Netflix into their design. These TVs, the company says, are ones that have went just a little bit beyond everyone else, “offering better usability, faster performance, and new features that make getting to Netflix and other internet TV services as easy as getting to live TV.”

New for the list in 2017 is a set from LG, one from Samsung, and one from Sony. Specifically, they’re the:

  • 2017 LG 4K UHD TVs with WebOS 3.5
  • 2017 Samsung 7, 8, 9, and Q-series Smart TVs
  • 2017 Sony Android TVs

So what makes a TV “recommended” for Netflix above others? For this list, Netflix went by a couple of old standards, plus some new criteria. To start, to make this list, a set needs to have Netflix easily accessible from anywhere (even having a dedicated Netflix access button on the remote similar to what most Roku devices have) and it needs to have the latest version of Netflix or the option to upgrade.

Beyond those two factors, televisions pass “a rigorous evaluation process based on factors our members tell us are important.” Important to customers in this year’s selection of TVs was the ability to start using Netflix immediately after powering on the set, plus the option to switch from live TV to apps and back again quickly.

Netflix makes a point choose TVs that will be available in every country the service is available in, but notes that service will vary from one region to the next. “We’re thrilled,” said a Netflix rep, “with how fast and dead simple these TVs make internet TV. And we hope you like the difference as well.”

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  1. David Price | March 30, 2017 at 2:28 pm |

    I am now receiving net flex on a I would like to be able to stream it. I just purchased a SAMSUNG LED TV Model UN48J5200AF I now have Dish. should I change to another source?

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