Netflix More Popular in U.S. Than YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Combined

It might go without saying these days judging from the constant barrage of headlines, but new data prove it: Netflix is watched by American cable-cutters more than any other streaming service. Netflix’s growth has recently surpassed the growth of cable, and the relentless push for domination of the global streaming market has enabled the streaming service to amass well over 100 million subscribers. Now, recent analyses of U.S. households’ streaming viewership shows that Netflix is watched more each month than the next big three streaming services combined.

According to figures gathered by marketing research firm, Netflix accounts for 40% of all hours American audiences spent viewing over-the-top streaming services in April 2017. Its next three competitors, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Video only account for 39% of total hours combined. YouTube makes up 18%, Hulu 14%, and Amazon Video a paltry 7%. The data was compiled by comScore, American media research and analytics firm which supplies marketing and analytics data to private media companies, advertising agencies, and publishers.

However, those figures don’t necessarily tell the whole story. When looking at the amount of hours audiences spent on each service every day, Hulu is the most-watched on a daily basis. On average, cord cutters watched 2.9 hours of Hulu each day, compared to Netflix’s 2.2 hours, 2.1 hours on YouTube, and Amazon Video’s 2 hours. Still, the overwhelming advantage Netflix boasts in terms of overall subscribers puts them easily ahead of the pack when it comes to total hours each month. Netflix has been around longer than its closest competitors, and its unrelenting stream of original content continues millions of new subscribers each month. Will Netflix’s reign ever be challenged?

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