Netflix Reaches 75% Of Streaming Viewers, But YouTube On The Rise

Some new numbers from ComScore give us a glimpse into just how popular Netflix is compared to its streaming contemporaries. Spoiler alert: it’s pretty popular, but the competition may be gaining ground.

The survey was conducted in December of 2016, when it was estimated that there were almost 50 million Wi-Fi connected homes in the U.S. with at least one streaming video service.

More than half of US homes with Wi-Fi have at least one streaming service, ComScore says. And Netflix is easily the industry leader with a presence in 75% of those homes. But YouTube has grown to over 50%, with Amazon in third place at 33%.

There are now 11 streaming services that reach at least one million homes in any give month. That includes nice services like the all-wrestling WWE Network and the anime-centric Crunchyroll. If anything, this shows that while Netflix is certainly dominant, the market is expanding to fill the gap left by people leaving traditional TV.

Maybe most surprising about ComScore’s data though, is that Netflix isn’t the most used service – by a long shot. The average streaming customer watches 19 days out of per month, a little over 2 hours a day. And most of that viewing takes place during traditional “prime time” hours. But Sling TV users were the most “engaged” in this study, watching 47 hours of content a month, compared to just 28 hours on average per month for Netflix.

Of course, that’s likely because Sling TV mimics cable, and leads to more “passive” viewing, while Netflix users have to seek out specific content they want.

ComScore’s data also shows that there’s a ton of room for growth and plenty of potential customers still left. 53% of Wi-Fi users having a streaming service means that nearly half are still available for the taking. And with several new live TV services on the way, you can expect this to be a fierce battleground.


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