Netflix Releases ISP Speed Index for May 2017

To make sure customers are getting the best experience possible with their service, Netflix releases a monthly ISP Speed Index, a report showing which internet service providers give the best prime-time Netflix streaming experience. The report tracks companies from around the globe, but it shouldn’t be considered a measuring stick for other services besides Netflix.

The data for May 2017 is in, and there are actually several big movers on this month’s list. One of the most important takeaways from this list is that we’ve got some catching up to do in the United States. An average internet speed of 3.68 mbps means the US isn’t even in the top 10 globally.

For the United States, Viasat and Verizon DSL were the biggest movers, with Viasat’s speed rising to 1.52 mbps from 1.23 mbps in the prior month and Verizon climbing an average of .26 mbps from the month before to reach 2.96 mbps. Comcast clocked in with the fastest average internet in the USA, with 3.96 mbps, followed closely by Verizon FiOS with 3.92. Optimum, Cox and Spectrum rounded out the top 5.

The biggest speed gains took place in Australia, where Telstra experienced the biggest speed increase on the list, at .46 mbps over last month. Their average speed now sits at 2.74 mbps. Australia as a whole rose three spots to 28th in the country rankings.

CS LoxInfo and Symphony in Thailand also saw large gains in speed, with CS LoxInfo increasing .38 Mbps (bringing their monthly average to 3.40 mbps) and Symphony increasing to 3.60 mbps (up from 3.27 mbps). They’re now number three overall in the Thailand ISP rankings.

Malaysia was also a big mover, climbing five spots to reach 17th in the country rankings. That country’s Telekom Malaysia Berhad improved their average speed by .33 mbps.

Compared with speeds available in the US, it’s not hard to see why Netflix is booming in Europe right now. A complete list of the top 10 countries is available here.

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