Netflix Survey Finds Moms Guilty of Sneaking in TV Time

When it comes to modern day television habits, one of the most talked-about activities is the innuendo-filled “Netflix and chill” made famous through so many social media memes over the last few years. However, a new Netflix survey has found that American moms have found a new way to watch TV that shows some people won’t stop at anything to find ways to binge their favorite shows. According to the survey, over 70% of U.S. moms admit to sneaking in “me time” to watch television – often in some surprising and hilarious ways.

Netflix published the results of their survey on their website yesterday under the headline “Sneaking is the New Bingeing: Moms Get More Creative Than Ever By Squeezing in Time to Stream Netflix.” The survey was conducted by Zeno Research & Insights and asked 1,006 US moms and 322 Canadian moms who lived at home and had children under nine years old about their television watching habits.

According to the data, 57% of moms who said they sneak in TV time said they watch while doing laundry, while almost 50% said they catch up on their favorite series while cooking dinner. 40%, meanwhile, engaged in the hilariously ingenious “bathroom sneak,” which Netflix describes as “extending time on the proverbial throne to sneak in some QT with a new series like The Crown.” The moms surveyed reported the most-sneaked Netflix series to be The Walking Dead, Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, Friends, and Thirteen Reasons Why.

The most common reasons cited for sneaking in some TV time were to “take a break from daily routine” (66%), “feel less stressed” (55%) and “have some adult-only time” (49%). Nearly 1 in 5 reported that the sneak breaks made them feel like a better parent. While I’m not so sure I would agree that hiding from one’s kids is necessarily the sign of a better parent, at least these moms aren’t sticking a tablet in front of their toddlers and letting Jim Henson’s Word Party stream on repeat for hours. Those talking animals are hiding something.

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