Netflix’s Latest ISP Speed Report Shows Comcast on Top

Netflix customers need a high-bandwidth internet connection in order to stream video content, placing Netflix and its subscribers somewhat at the mercy of internet service providers (ISPs.) Because of their dependency on ISPs, Netflix collects and compiles data on average ISP speeds around the world and releases them as a monthly report for its subscribers and ISPs. The June 2017 data was just published, and it shows big gains throughout Asia that coincide with Netflix’s aggressive global expansion.

The data show average speeds increasing significantly in Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia, all of which are burgeoning markets for the streaming giant. It wasn’t all great news for Asia, however; South Korea saw overall speeds slide down as the top three South Korean ISPs, SK Broadband, D Live, and KT all lost significant mbps. In Europe, most nations saw relatively little changes, except for Spain which added speeds to several ISPs and rose to 23rd on Netflix’s country rankings.

Across North and South Americas, the overall fastest ISP in June 2017 was Comcast, clocking in at 3.96 Mbps (megabytes per second). The slowest average ISP last month was Windstream, cranking out 2.88 mbps on average. Verizon’s new FiOS internet service was the second fastest ISP with 3.92 Mbps, followed Optimum, Cox, and Charter Spectrum in third, fourth, and fifth places with average speeds of 3.85 Mbps and 3.84 Mbps, and 3.81 Mbps, respectively. The five nations with the fastest average speeds in order are the United States with 3.68 Mbps, Canada with 3.32 Mbps, Chile at 3.25 Mbps, Trinidad and Tobago with 3.23 Mbps, and Mexico with 3.13 Mbps – still quite fast compared to global averages.

Now that Netflix is expanding its ultra HD offerings and adding support for Dolby Atmos soundtracks, it’s more important than ever for Netflix customers to stay ahead of changes in ISP performance. To track your ISP’s monthly average speeds, keep reading our monthly summaries of Netflix’s ISP Index.

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