New Update Means Apple TV Remote App Now Works on iPad

A new update to the Apple TV app had added iPad support, bringing television control, captions, and chapter select to the bigger screen.

The 1.1 update includes the addition of Siri voice control for Apple TV, but instead of controlling from the regular iPad home screen, users can give voice commands to select, pause, and play media by holding a microphone button on the app’s interface.

It’s worth noting that for some reason, it’s taken Apple quite a while to being Apple TV remote support to the iPad. The software was originally teased all the way back in 2015, with a promised 2016 arrival, but that never happened. The feature didn’t even make it to the iPhone until August of 2016, where it served as a feature rich version of the physical Apple TV remote.

This wouldn’t be the first feature that Apple was slow to add in regards to their streaming box, as it was just last month that Apple finally announced 4K streaming (for a debut later this year), something that newest Chromecast, the newest Roku, the newest Amazon Fire TV boxes, and a large number of independent Android streaming boxes already have

They Apple TV remote app is certainly useful for viewers who are prone to losing their tiny remote or who can’t use a small remote, but it’s worth noting that neither the iPhone of the iPad variants of the remote app lets people watch Apple TV while on the move.

But if it’s a feature that makes streaming TV a little easier, you can expect it to be a hit. Apple has been looking to shore up their streaming video game in recent month, hiring former Amazon Fire TV executive Timothy Twerdhal. It’s also been often rumored that Apple could be planning to resurrect their planned “skinny bundle” live service.

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