ONE Media Signs Deal To Bring ATSC 3.0 Chipsets To Market Faster

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It looks like the ATSC 3.0 chipset will be hitting the market a little faster than anticipated thanks to a new deal signed by ONE Media 3.0. The deal, announced this week, was signed with India’s Saankhya Labs, and aims to speed up development and production of the new chipsets that will let devices like cell phones, televisions, and tablets receive the next generation broadcast transmission (which is planned to become standard).

The agreement says that Saankhya Labs will be the ones responsible for developing the chipset’s global standards, including architecture and algorithms, along with Sinclair and ONE Media. ONE Media (who is owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group), is a big name in the industry, and a pioneer in pushing for broadcasters to have a mobile interactive advanced transmission standard.

According to ONE Media, the final ATSC 3.0 standard should be approval by the standards setting body later this year. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, has said that on their end, the FCC should have final approval for the transmissions standard by the end of this year as well.

In recent months, the FCC voted to allow broadcasters to roll out the new standard (which is actually incompatible with all current devices and receivers) on a voluntary basis at first, with regulations coming much further down the road.

Mark Aitken, VP for advanced technology for Sinclair, said “We are pleased to begin working with Saankhya Labs to fast-track development of a global ATSC 3.0 device ecosystem that is focused on mobility, and provides support for all global broadcast transmission standards. ONE Media 3.0 and Sinclair, as digital innovators and the largest U.S. broadcaster, are committed to ‘mobile first’ services, advanced data delivery as well as emergency and educational connectivity. Saankhya Labs’ software defined technology will allow us to exploit the underlying flexibility of the Next Generation standard in evolving beyond ‘3.0’ in support of the unique needs of large markets.”

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