Plex Launches Over-the-Air Live TV Streaming Service

Several of the top contenders in tech and streaming services have recently added live TV streams to their list of features. Facebook TV is slated to include several live streams of original content, and Hulu just unveiled the beta version of its live TV streams which allow users to watch cable networks and even local channels through any Hulu supported device. Now, an unexpected new name just entered the burgeoning live tv streaming world, and it’s not one you might have expected: Plex.

Yes, that Plex, the makers of the Windows/Mac/Linux apps which allow users to organize their media libraries. Plex has recently added a host of new features and even hardware streaming boxes which allow users to store their media on cloud servers and stream it from mobile devices, dongles, or smart TVs. Now, the makers of Plex have announced that Plex supported devices can now access broadcasts of live major television networks:

That’s right, today we’re rolling out support for Live TV! And we’re doing it in a truly Plexy way. It’s built right in to the Media Server, so you’ll be able to stream live (starting with our Android TV and iOS apps, with more to come) anywhere in the world through the power of Plex! Just think… you can now use Plex to follow along with your favorite sportsball team in real time! Or better yet, tune in to today’s episode of “The Price is Right” right this second!

The new Plex live TV can stream and record over-the-air digital broadcasts from many major TV networks like NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, CW, and even PBS. The live TV feature is included with Plex’s premium “Plex Pass” subscription. The $4.99/month subscription includes added features like offline viewing, parental controls, and more. With this new live TV feature, Plex users can access even more of their favorite media all in one place.

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