Reelgood Launches New Streaming ‘TV Guide’ for Cable Cutters

Now that streaming has become the new cable, new tech firms and websites are springing up to fill the void of streaming site companion services. Earlier this year, went online to provide new cable cutters with an easy-to-use way to compare various streaming television services. Suppose has already gotten a positive reception, but is so far limited to streaming services which offer live streams of cable and satellite networks; there is still little on the market to help streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) customers keep track of and compare the catalogs of major SVOD players like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Luckily, Reelgood has launched a brand new site which serves as a programming guide for cable cutters much in the way TV Guide served for many years as the definitive programming guide for cable.

According to their new website, Reelgood complies the various catalogs of over 250 streaming services in a single sortable interface. Now that streaming has become the medium of choice for so many households, Reelgood launched their new site in order to help cable cutters organize their viewing habits and keep track of their favorite films and series across different streaming platforms. Users can create a profile which keeps track of various series and streaming services, even keeping users up-to-date with releases and premieres.

Reelgood founder David Sanderson told TechCrunch that the site fills a void in streaming guides these days, offering cable cutters a much-needed way to organize their streaming preferences:

People shouldn’t be forced to waste time every night flipping between streaming apps to see if there are new episodes of the shows they watch or what content they have access to. It should all be in one place and there shouldn’t be any barriers between them and the perfect show or movie. You’d never check the websites for American Airlines, Southwest, Alaska, etc. to book a flight—you’d just use Kayak. It’s time we get the same experience for SVOD, and that’s exactly what we’re doing at Reelgood.

Reelgood began a few years ago as a mobile app which lets users keep track of movies they have watched and share their lists with other users. The site is currently in beta, but already offers dozens of different filters which can be combined to tailor one’s user experience and can even suggest new content based on what users have already watched. Best of all, Reelgood is free – for now. Give it a shot and leave us a comment about your experience.

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