Sling TV Announces Free Antenna Deal

Sling TV Antenna DealIf you’re trying to cut the cord and escape your cable company, Sling TV just made it a little easier.

The company recently announced that Sling TV customers who live in areas where local broadcast channels are unavailable can now get a free Winegard indoor antenna when they prepay for two months of Sling TV service. This allows you to access your local CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC affiliates without having to pay extra.

Alternatively, if you prepay for three months of service, you can get the antenna, an adapter, and an AirTV Player for a steeply discounted rate. The AirTV Player allows you to watch your over-the-air and Sling TV channels all in one place. In other words, you can watch all your channels without jumping between inputs.

With this deal, you can purchase the AirTV Player, antenna, and adapter for a low $70. That’s a great deal since together, these pieces of equipment typically retail at $189.98. Overall, that saves you nearly $120 and gets you easier access to the local channels that aren’t offered in your area.

There’s no word yet on how long this deal will go for, so if you’re interested, check out the Sling TV offer page and see if you qualify. You can also check out our review of the AirTV Player to see if it’s right for your home before you pull the trigger.

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