Sling TV Brings Cloud DVR to iOS, AirTV and Windows 10

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Sling TV has spent a lot of time recently upgrading their Cloud DVR feature, and they made another big addition this week. The streaming television service just announced that they’ve launched the feature for iPads, iPhones, AirTV, and Windows 10 devices.

That means users with those devices can now set up a new DVR recording or watch a previously recorded show straight from their device.

It was just a week ago that Sling announced a slew of new DVR related features, so it’s nice to see the company devote their resources in this area. After all, a robust DVR is the one thing people say they miss most about a cable subscription.

The addition of the new devices to Sling’s DVR lineup means that Cloud DVR now works with Amazon Fire tablets and TVs, almost any Android device, Roku TVs and streaming boxes, and Xbox One consoles.

Cloud DVR for Sling comes with a fairly reasonable price tag of just $5 a month – and that’s for 50 hours of recorded shows and movies. It is worth noting though, that not all channels can be recorded.

Beyond the new DVR support, Sling also unveiled a new interface for AirTV Player users. Those users now get:

  • “What’s On” tiles that display shows currently airing (including local OTA channels)
  • A customized “local channels” ribbon with the option to take away channels that aren’t watched
  • A mini guide that lets the viewer browse available live content without leaving the show that’s currently airing. This new guide takes up a lot smaller screen space, functions a lot faster, and even has an option for filtering by genre, plus a preview of what’s coming up and how long it is until the next show starts
  • A “recall” button on the AirTV Player remote that shows the last five watched channels
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