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The Dish Network/Sling TV CES 2016 press conference is here. Get the latest updates on new announcements from Sling TV by following our live blog below:

2:55–Sling TV has greeted reporters with two press releases with big stories. First, they are unveiling a brand new user interface that promises personalization, contextually-aware UI, improved navigation and more. Secondly, ESPN3 will now be included in the Sling TV channel guide, eliminating the need to use the WatchESPN app to access thousands of live sporting events. This is a first for the pay TV industry. Full story here.

3:05–Dish Network starts off the press conference with announcements about pay TV service. Sling TV announcements to come later. Expect few updates on our end until Sling TV hits the stage.

3:06–Dish is introducing the new Hopper 3, what they call, “the most advanced DVR in the world.” 7x more powerful than Hopper 2. It can record 16 shows at once to eliminate “recording conflict.”

3:12–First DVR to feature universal search and discovery including Netflix.

3:17–Hopper 3 is designed to create seamless viewing experience, allowing you to watch Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming TV alongside regular TV.

3:21–Sling TV time. Let’s see if they have anything else in store…

3:24–“There are 21 million households who don’t subscribe to pay TV.”

3:26–Millennials are twice as likely to subscribe to Sling TV as non-millennials.

3:30–Since launching our live TV service, we’ve doubled the number of devices supporting Sling TV.”–Lynch

3:34–Sling TV now has over 50,000 hours of on demand and replay content.

3:35–More details about the new UI–“MyTV”. Tagline, “Your TV in one place.” New UI will be able to tailor in real time the types of programming suggested based on your viewing preferences, time of day, and more.

3:37–New interface will make finding content across multiple channels much easier. Search will aggregate specific TV shows, types of sports, etc. across all channels in one place.

3:40–Sling TV will add more high value channels and features in 2016. Personal guess? Showtime and Starz are good bets.

More details to follow…

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