Sling TV Double Down On A La Carte Approach, Bringing Lower Prices

80% of people who pay for television want an “a la carte” approach to their channel lineup, according to Sling TV. And that’s why the streaming television service is dedicated to their approach of only making customers pay for the channels they watch. “TV isn’t what it used to be,” said Sling’s CEO Roger Lynch. “But we’ve known that for years. That’s why we set out to make it better and give customers what they want.”

With a basic package that starts at just $20, Sling is already one of the most affordable options among their streaming television competitors. But as those companies offer what Sling describes as “bloated bundles, higher prices and lack of flexibility,” Sling lets customers choose the add-ons they want, from sports to movies to kids to news. The new guys are missing the point, Lynch said, and taking an approach that’s far to similar to traditional cable TV.

Ideally, Lynch said, Sling could provide a 100% a la carte approach: for $20 a month, you simply chose the 20 networks you want. But, of course, networks won’t allow that. Instead, he says, Sling offers the next best thing – delivering that “in a way no pay-TV service has ever been able to do before.”

The “pay for what you want” approach extends beyond their US programming too. The streaming service offers packages Spanish language packages that can actually be tailored to a specific region, including South America, Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean.

As Sling continues to focus on the a la carte approach, their CEO promised that they are just getting started . “You can expect to hear a lot more about a la carte TV from Sling TV soon.”

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