Sling TV Brings Cloud DVR to Android and Amazon Devices

Sling TV’s cloud DVR has long been a selling point of the streaming service, and it’s now available to a larger audience. As Sling celebrated the two year anniversary of their launch, they announced their popular cloud DVR service would now be available for users with Android and Amazon devices, including the Fire Stick and Fire TV.

The announcement came from a Q and A session with CEO Roger Lynch conducted on Periscope. Not a lot of other details were revealed like how many people use Sling TV’s cloud DVR, how Sling is growing compared to similar services like DIRECTV NOW or how many subscribers Sling has overall. But the important information was that Sling’s cloud based DVR was now on more platforms.

With Sling TV, subscribers get access to many of the same channels as a traditional cable package, it’s just streaming online. The biggest advantage of course is that the service costs a fraction of what cable usually does.

Sling’s cloud DVR, which allows users to record up to 100 hours of content and access it from anywhere, was introduced in December of 2016. Initially, the beta program was just for Roku users. The beta launch saw success, so more platforms were included gradually.

Users can also pause, fast forward, and rewind shows they’re watching, but the cloud DVR is only available for certain licensed content (not every Sling show can be recorded at this point). There’s no additional charge for Sling TV cloud DVR service, as it’s included in the standard subscription fee.

The feature is an especially important one for Sling, as it’s one that their competitors have yet to introduce. More platforms (like Xbox One or Apple TV) are expected to be introduced in the coming months, but an exact time frame hasn’t been set yet.


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