Phase One of Sling TV User Interface Update Out Now on Xbox One

Sling TV logoSling TV is releasing a series of updates, refreshing their user interface and making it more user friendly. Phase one is out now for Xbox One.

Chief Product Officer Ben Weinberger, the man I stated would improve Sling TV’s interface a while back, announced today that Sling TV has updated their Xbox One app to include:

  • Increased stability
  • Improved streaming
  • Bug fixes
  • Newly designed channel guide
  • Increased programming details

He calls the update “the first step in an experience that makes it easier to find the content you love.” This entails bigger and better changes on the horizon. Eventually, changes will start to span all devices supported by Sling TV.

“I have done a lot of listening, ” said Weinberger in a nod to recent complaints. “Whether it was an email, tweet, Facebook post or a comment on reddit, I’ve most likely read it.”

Weinberger goes on to explain the Xbox One changes in detail. The guide works by:

  • Pressing up on your controller when on the mini guide to see schedule and available VOD content for channels
  • Easily scrolling left and right from channel to channel
  • Pressing the Y button to search

Have Feedback? Sling TV Wants to Hear It

Weinberger insists that the company is listening to customers and working hard to meet their demands. In fact, he encourages everyone to share their thoughts with the company. This can be done on Twitter by tweeting to @SlingAnswers or by emailing

Weinberger Heading to Reddit for an AMA?

In his blog post, Weinberger also comments that not only is he on Twitter, but he’s also “heading for reddit soon.” To me this can only mean one thing–AMA time. I’ll be keeping an ear out. Get your questions ready.

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