Sling TV’s New Multi-Extra Discount Adds 40 Networks For Just $10

As more and more people leave “big cable” for streaming services, Sling TV realized that many of them missed the big channel lineups they were used to. So they’re doing something about that. While cable companies are bringing ever-increasing bills to their customers, Sling TV is actually dropping the price of a popular add on.

While many Sling TV customers are fine with a “skinny bundle” of a little more than 30 networks for a rock bottom price, Sling has rolled out a new pricing option that adds over 40 networks for just $10 a month more. Sling TV’s “Multi-Extra Discount,” which takes effect today, gives subscribers the chance to add the Kids Extra, Lifestyle Plus Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra tiers for $10 (it was previously $20), and effectively double their available channel options.

This offer is available to all Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers. Under this plan, Sling Orange customers would get almost 80 networks for $30 a month. Sling Blue customers would get 80 networks for $35, and customers who are both Sling Orange and Sling Blue subscribers would get 90 networks for just $50. Customers who already take advantage of Sling’s Lifestyle Plus Extra, Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra and News Extra package will simply see a $10 reduction on their next bill.

Sling’s pricing structure is a far cry from what they call the “big, bigger, biggest” choice that comes with traditional cable. Customers have the chance to add on the extra networks they want, even if it’s just a specific package like sports. If a customer wants a good selection of basic channels for $20, they can get it. If they want a “true cable” replacement that’s still a fraction of the cable cost, that’s available too.

If you haven’t tried out Sling TV already, they do offer a one week trial totally free.


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