Starting In July, DIRECTV NOW Web Users Can Only Stream In Chrome

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Starting in July, DIRECTV NOW subscribers who watch their content through a web browser will only be able to do so through Chrome. The service announced this week that they’re dropping support for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari browsers.

Users got the news in the form of a pop up notification that appeared when they logged in to their accounts. “For our best streaming experience,” the notice reads, “DIRECTV NOW will live exclusively on Google Chrome when accessed via your computer. We will no longer be supporting Safari or Internet Explorer browsers after June. And of Course the DIRECTV NOW App will still be your go-to when streaming on your mobile devices.”

Given that DIRECTV NOW already recommends Chrome for the best viewing, the removal of other browsers isn’t a surprising choice. And given the popularity of Chrome, this likely won’t affect a great number of their total users. Fortunately, for the ones that are affected, it’s an easy fix. DIRECTV NOW didn’t reveal numbers about how many of their users stream through a desktop setting, but it’s likely that it’s only a small portion of their customer base.

Once the change is implemented, people who try to access the service through a browser that’s not supported will be given a link to download Chrome.

There’s no explanation as to why this change is happening, but most people expect it’s a cost saving measure for the company. If the number of browsers people are watching in is limited to just one, that means fewer technical problems. And given Internet Explorer’s propensity to not cooperate with newer technology, it’s a move that makes sense.

Users have until the end of June to make the switch. Those watching on smart TVs, streaming sticks or set top boxes won’t be affected by this change.



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