Streaming TV Advertising Is About To Be A Lot More Specifically Targeted

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As more and more people turn to streaming services as a cable TV alternative, the advertising they see is about to be a lot more specifically targeted. Tech company BrightLine, which helps companies create and deliver advertising, is partnering with Nielsen Marketing to use demographic information to make smart TV ads more in line with a specific viewer’s interests.

The new deal will let potential advertisers use Nielsen’s 60,000 different “audience segments,” like what a viewer buys, how often they buy it, what they’re potentially in the market to purchase, their media preferences, their socioeconomic rank and their financial and investment behaviors.

In addition to smart TVs, the new partnership will also mange ads displayed on devices like Roku and Apple TV.

Several companies, including Hulu and Viacom, are already using BrightLine’s tech to add interactivity/personalization to traditional television ads. For example, a viewer watching a car ad can click a button on their remote to learn more. Over the past several years, BrightLine has been quietly collecting data from devices and using that data to discover what ads work best on each platform. Now, they’ll know what type of household these devices belong to. For the previously mentioned car ad, a house with kids might see an SUV ad while another house sees a luxury sports car ad.

“Advertisers are never ready for anything new,” said Michael Bologna, the president of Modi Media. “This creates something that is nice and sweet and simple. It will make it much easier for advertisers and agencies to explore.” Of course, the biggest potential problem is getting users to be okay with the ads. Peter Naylor, Hulu’s senior vice president of advertising sales, said all new tech takes time to become commonplace, and he expects viewer interaction with ads to follow the same path.

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