Study: Cordcutters Say Netflix Has Better Shows, Better Value Than HBO

Just in case you were worried about the quality of content you can get if you decide to cut cable, take a look at this survey from Forrester, an independent advisory and research group. When it comes to the most interesting, easiest to use, most reliable, best value for your streaming money, the winner is Netflix.

Forrester surveyed both “cord cutters” and “likely cord cutters” and found that well over half of people feel Netflix originals are “interesting” compared to just 45% that feel that way about HBO. And even though they have historically done quite well come awards season, 36% of the survey audience feel like Amazon Prime’s original offerings are interesting.

Of course, you have to take into consideration that Netflix has much more original content than any competitor – over 1,000 hours to be released in 2016 and 2017 alone, including their highly anticipated and very well received series The Crown.

Netflix also led the way in best value for the subscription fee. Just 5% of survey respondents said the Netflix fee of $9.99 a month was too expensive, compared to almost 20% of people that feel like HBO Now charges too much at $14.99 a month. Even though CBS All Access charges just $5.99 a month, 23% of people felt that was too much. NBC’s SeeSo is the cheapest service on this list at $3.99 a month, but it garnered the most “too expensive” voted with 24%.

The study also named Netflix as the most reliable service (NBC’s SeeSo was the worst there), the easiest to use (again, with SeeSo as the worst), and easiest to watch on a television (SeeSo the worst again).

This wouldn’t be the first time Netflix claimed the title of “most interesting. A 2016 Morgan Stanley study ranked the service number one as well, beating HBO for the first time in their rankings. 29% of respondents to that study said Netflix had the best original streaming content, beating HBO a just 18%.

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