New Site Suppose.TV Lets You Compare Streaming Services

With so many streaming choices these days, choosing the right cable-cutting service for your household can be difficult. There are dozens of top-notch streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video which offer video-on-demand, while streaming services like Hulu and DIRECTV NOW have begun offering live streams of the best cable and broadcast television networks. Price is often one of the most important factors consumers use to choose how to cut the cord, but when choosing a streaming service depends on other various factors, it can be a chore to dig through each individual service’s offerings to determine which is right for you. Luckily, a new service called Suppose.TV has sprung up to help you compare streaming services based on a wide range of options.

Suppose.TV claims their service “compares millions of combinations of TV services and finds the best for you.” The site scans the 50 largest US streaming markets, which covers 70% of the American population. Users can compare streaming services based on factors like availability of local content, options for premium networks, price, networks available, and even multilingual support.

Suppose.TV is the brainchild of John Tantum, founder and former president of Virgin Mobile USA, and Bay Area tech entrepreneur Andrew Shapiro. Tantum told TechCrunch that the idea came to the pair as they noticed the blindingly fast rate at which new streaming services were appearing on the market:

We had been following the space closely and it became apparent that there was a new entry every month or two. But their services are very complicated – Sling TV, especially, with their number of add-ons and their two base packages. It’s an incredibly complicated choice for a customer to make between the different services, and even within a single service. And not to mention trying to compare that to your satellite and cable provider and the options there.

As of now, Suppose.TV only compares cable-cutting services which are cable replacements, excluding video-on-demand services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu on-demand. However, the site is adding new features every day and will soon allow users to begin crowd-sourcing some of the information used by the site’s databases as opposed to getting information straight from streaming services themselves. If you want to cut the cord but don’t know where to begin, give Suppose.TV a shot.

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