Users Discover Netflix’s ‘Hidden’ Download Limit

Netflix quietly unveiled a highly anticipated new feature last year which allows Netflix subscribers to binge-watch their favorite series wherever they happen to be. Netflix began rolling out its download feature in 2016, which lets all subscribers download content for offline viewing through the Netflix app on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Netflix’s download feature has been widely praised by hardcore users, but now some users have discovered a hidden limit on how much content content can be downloaded, and some users aren’t happy.

For years, Netflix stated that they had no intention of adding the download feature, but was likely pressured into it by competitor Amazon Prime who offered the feature first. While a large selection of Netflix’s library is open for download, not every series or film can be downloaded. Once content is downloaded, users have up to 48 hours to watch before that content must then be “renewed” with a fresh download. Android blog reported what it calls the “lame” download limit after several users received error messages informing them that certain content was only available for one more download.

Netflix currently doesn’t offer any other warning until users are very close to their download limit. Even worse, renewing a download counts as a completely new download, pushing users closer to their monthly limit any time they renew an existing download. It still isn’t clear if all Netflix content or only certain series and films are restricted by these limits. Netflix has not released any more details about this seemingly ‘hidden’ feature.

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