Verizon Pays $2.25 Billion for Non-Exclusive NFL Streaming Rights

verizon nflGreat news for football fans—watching the NFL just became even easier because of a $2.25 billion agreement with Verizon. The five-year deal allows users to watch games on both Yahoo and go90 streaming platforms.

In the companies’ previous deal, Verizon owned streaming rights to the NFL, but this new agreement removes exclusive rights to the airings. In other words, you’ll be able to stream the NFL on multiple platforms instead of relying solely on Verizon services. Hopefully, the trickle-down effect of this deal makes streaming the NFL more accessible than it has been in previous years. After all, when it comes to streaming, more options is always better.

This deal also marks an interesting push for the free streaming platform go90. For those who haven’t heard of the service, go90 offers a streaming library of both original and licensed content. Adding live sports would take the relatively obscure app to the forefront of the streaming universe, especially considering Verizon users can watch content on go90 without spending a speck of data.

Taking all of that into consideration, it’s possible Verizon has made this move to push its go90 service to higher popularity. Whether that means it’s planning on making the service more robust in hopes of moving toward a subscription model like Netflix’s, it’s hard to say for now. But no matter what streaming service you swear by, massive leagues like the NFL committing to non-exclusive streaming deals is always a good thing for cord-cutters.

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