Verizon is Reportedly Slowing Down Users’ Netflix Streaming

As the net neutrality debate rages on the floors of the U.S. Congress and social media platforms, one of the biggest names in the telecomm industry is already reportedly throttling its users’ speeds on the world’s largest streaming site, Netflix. Many Verizon customers noticed their Netflix connections have been slowing to a crawl and took to reddit where they discovered dozens of other users noticing the same thing.

Several users reported testing their speeds with online speed tests, while some users tested their Netflix connections both with a VPN and without. Nearly all the commenters in the thread noticed a large discrepancy between Verizon’s reported speed and their actual speeds without a VPN. According to reddit user u/crux57, the difference in Verizon’s advertised speeds and users’ observed speeds was dramatic:

Confirmed it myself today. Running produces 9-12mbps, settles down to 10mbps. Running, Speedtest, and coverage, produces speeds upwards of 60mbps. This is a clear issue. Nowhere does Verizon state they throttle to 10mbps. Not cool Verizon.

According to The Verge, a Netflix spokesperson replied only that “We [Netflix] are definitely not capping data on our end and don’t cap data for any mobile networks.” Verizon, meanwhile, has yet to issue a statement concerning the speed discrepancies.

Verizon’s alleged throttling of Netflix connections is a prime example of how the fight over net neutrality will affect the future of cable cutting and streaming video as we know it. Many of the world’s most popular streaming services have thrown their names into the net neutrality debate ring, arguing that the internet should be a neutral platform for all services and websites regardless of what internet service providers (ISPs) might be available to customers. On the other side, meanwhile, the largest names in cable and ISPs have reportedly resorted to dirty tactics to try and sway Congress’ ruling in their favor.

To learn more about net neutrality and how it affects all internet users, particularly cable cutters, head over to and learn how you can get involved.


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