Verizon Joins Crowded Streaming TV Market This Summer With New Service

The streaming TV market is a crowded place these days, with Sling TV, DIRECTV Now, and PlayStation Vue fighting it out now and services from Hulu and YouTube looming on the horizon. So what’s one more service in the fight?

It looks like Verizon is going to be launching their own streaming television service this summer. According to insiders, the company has been quietly securing streaming rights from networks in anticipation of their new service that’s set to launch in June.

And the fact that it’s coming this summer is about all we know so far. No details have been announced yet, and there hasn’t even been an official confirmation from Verizon. But reports have said that the service isn’t connected to Verizon’s YouTube-like go90 service, and that it would be available nationwide, not just to existing Verizon internet or cable subscribers. Of course, you can expect a bundling discount for people who take on Verizon cable, wireless, or internet as well.

It’s a safe bet that as far as pricing, Verizon’s service will fall right in line with Sling TV‘s base package at $20 a month and DIRECTV Now‘s base package at $35 a month. It’s also safe to assume that Verizon will follow the lead of the other streaming TV players in the market now and offer content on the go through an app, plus a smart TV app. The ability to watch content anywhere is a big advantage streaming television has, and Verizon seems like they’re following the footsteps of companies that are doing this now.

From the onset, it looks like Verizon’s streaming television service isn’t going to be breaking any new ground. But if they just do what everyone else is doing, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. A lack of competition is why cable rates are so high these days, so competition in the streaming market is only going to make things better.

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