‘Veronica Mars’ Comes to Verizon’s Streaming Service

Verizon is beginning to make some serious moves in the already-crowded streaming video service market. Verizon recently announced the development of a new streaming television network independent of their existing go90 service which is available to existing Verizon cable, internet, or cellular subscribers. Now, in what has become their biggest content acquisition yet, Verizon just picked up the rights to several iconic Warner Brothers science fiction series including every season of Veronica Mars. Fans of the show have been unable to stream the series on any service since January when the series terminated its agreement with Amazon Video.

Other titles appearing on go90 (and possibly Verizon’s upcoming streaming service) include Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Almost Human, Babylon 5, Believe, and Stalker. Chip Canter, GM of Verizon Digital Entertainment, told Variety that these series will continue to grow go90’s subscriber base who crave sci-fi, supernatural and noir streaming content:

To be able to bring these seven titles to our users is a great opportunity to continue to double down on a genre that’s performed well for go90 and attract users who have been demanding these series or may be discovering them for the first time. These series are a great fit for our go90 Saga network.

These series certainly have a consistent tone and subject matter among them. Verizon could be trying to carve out its own market niche out of a highly curated package of content aimed at a specific set of audiences – or they could simply be part of a deal with the shows’ common production company, Warner Bros Television Studios. Whatever the case is, go90 and Verizon have become the only service to carry these cult favorites.

Veronica Mars will appear on the service in May, while the other titles are already waiting for you to binge on go90 – if you’re one of the few that uses it, that is. So far, the number of go90 users has barely risen above 2 million – nowhere near the 50 million Netflix boasts. Coincidentally, Veronica Mars‘ May release date happens to coincide with the launch of their new streaming service – could Veronica Mars be one of the flagship shows Verizon is counting on to draw subscribers?

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