NFL Game Pass Review: Price, Availability, Features, & Compatible Devices

NFL Game Pass

The NFL has officially released its highly anticipated Game Pass streaming service in the US. This domestic version of NFL Game Pass (there’s also an international Game Pass, more on that below) is loaded with features and we have all the details. We have answers to the questions everyone has been asking — What’s the NFL Game Pass price? What is NFL Game Pass? Where can I watch NFL Game Pass? What are the key features of NFL Game Pass? Learn more in our NFL Game Pass review.

Note: Looking for information about NFL Game Pass International? Scroll down to the end of the article for more details or click here to visit the official Game Pass International website.


What is NFL Game Pass?

NFL Game Pass is an official streaming service of the NFL that offers on-demand access to all regular-season games, live coverage of preseason games, condensed replays of games, live audio coverage, replay highlights, and a whole lot more via the NFL Game Pass app. The service can be used on your computer, or on various streaming devices connected to your TV. We’ll break down all the details in our full NFL Game Pass review below.


How Much Does NFL Game Pass Cost?

For the 2017 season NFL Game Pass will cost $99, letting subscribers watch replays of all 256 games on demand the same day the games are played, live out-of-market preseason games, and games from the 2009-2016 seasons, including the Super Bowls from those years, on a wide range of devices. You can also listen to live audio from all the regular season games. In fact, right now they’re offering a free 7-day trial, which is a great way to test out the service. Also, note that the NFL GamePass price generally drops a bit once we get into the middle of the season.

The NFL Game Pass Domestic service consolidates and replaces three popular streaming services from the league — NFL Game Rewind, NFL Audio Pass, and NFL Preseason Live. NFL Game Rewind had been an on-demand service the league offered for years. It allowed football fans to watch game replays on multiple devices. As NFL Game Pass takes its place, the new streaming service is set to offer everything Game Rewind did and a whole lot more. Read on to find out why the league’s new streaming service is ideal for hardcore fans, fantasy football junkies, and those who hate commercials.


The Complete Rundown of NFL Game Pass Features

What does the NFL Game Pass price of $99 get you? Here are some of the key features we know about so far:

  • Watch every regular season game on demand–Get access to every game, all season long. You’ll never have to miss a single play. Sunday morning and afternoon games (9:30am ET, 1pm ET & 4pm ET) are available at the conclusion of all Sunday 4pm ET games, and Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday and Saturday NFL games are available following the conclusion of the applicable game telecast.
  • Get live out-of-market preseason games–Game Pass is the best service for live streaming during the preseason, offering live coverage of any games not aired in your area and not available anywhere else.
  • Use NFL Game Pass on multiple devices–You can watch NFL games online on a number of streaming players, Android and iOS tablets, Android and iOS smartphones, and your computer. NFL Game Pass is currently available via the NFL app on the following streaming players for your TV: Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.
  • Stream NFL games online from past seasons–Watch full replays of every game dating back to the 2009 season. There’s also an excellent Super Bowl archive so you can go back and watch the big games from past seasons.
  • Watch condensed game replays–Don’t have time to watch a full game replay? The service offers condensed games, letting you watch every play of a full game in about 30 minutes. The best part? NO COMMERCIALS. Just pure NFL action! With the ability to watch condensed games in just a half hour, you can keep tabs on all your fantasy football players to become the ultimate manager!
  • Enjoy DVR controls–You’re in control when you watch NFL games online through Game Pass. There are no commercials, and you can pause, fast forward, and rewind as you wish.
  • Get a fresh angle with coaches film–View coaches film which includes exclusive All-22 and EndZone angles. This lets you break down the game like a pro.
  • Hide scores for all games to avoid spoilers–Trying to avoid spoilers until you watch all the games? Using the Scores On/Off feature, you can hide scores for every game so the outcome isn’t ruined for you.
  • Watch past seasons of hit NFL shows and documentaries–Game Pass subscribers can binge on previous seasons of Hard Knocks, America’s Game, A Football Life, and Sound FX.

Remember, you can try NFL Game Pass free for 7 days right now.


Where is NFL Game Pass Available?

NFL Game Pass Domestic is available in the United States, Bermuda, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Antigua. It’s also available in Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the US Virgin Islands, and Guam. Of course, Game Pass International is available outside of the above-mentioned regions.


Who is Game Pass Meant For?

You might ask yourself if a streaming service that only offers on-demand access during the regular season is really worth it. For many, it is. Game Pass appeals to a wide variety of people, from those who work on Sundays and can’t catch the games live to those who are obsessed with football and want to catch as many games as possible. Game Pass is also perfect for fantasy football fanatics thanks to its 30-minute condensed replays that let you efficiently do plenty of scouting for the best talent all across the league. And if you’re someone who hates commercials as much as I do, you’ll like Game Pass’ condensed, commercial-free replay options.


What about NFL Game Pass International?

The domestic streaming service from the league shares the same name with the popular NFL Game Pass International. How does Game Pass International compare to the domestic version?

With Game Pass International, you get all of the same features as the domestic version (on-demand library of games, DVR features, etc.), but there’s one major bonus. With Game Pass International you can live stream games during the regular season. Over 250 regular season games are available live each season for Game Pass International subscribers, plus all games are available for on demand viewing if you miss them live. This is a great feature that lets NFL fans abroad keep up with all of their favorite teams live all season long.

Here are some other key features of Game Pass International:

  • 24/7 NFL Network live stream
  • NFL RedZone live streaming on Sundays
  • Watch up to 4 games at once on desktop and laptop
  • Available on tablets and smartphones, as well as Roku, Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Click here to learn more about Game Pass International.


Get the NFL Game Pass Free 7-Day Trial

As more details are released about the new NFL Game Pass, I’ll update this article. To learn more, click here to visit the official website.


NFL Game Pass Review: Bottom Line

Overall, NFL GamePass is a great service for football fans. It’s particularly valuable for folks who don’t mind watching game replays instead of live coverage. The condensed games are also great for anyone who wants to catch all the action, without enduring constant commercials, stoppages, etc. The NFL Game Pass cost of $99/year may seem a bit steep, but it’s well worth it for true NFL fans.

To learn more, try NFL Game Pass free with a 7-day free trial!

Want to find out about other ways to watch NFL games online this season? Read my complete NFL live streaming guide here.


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