NFL Network Live Stream: How to Watch NFL Network Online without Cable

watch nfl network online
NFL Network is home to Thursday Night Football and tons of other NFL coverage. Want to watch NFL Network online?

The NFL is known for its tight hold on the American football branding. Since the dawn of the cord-cutting age, they have made it difficult, if not impossible, for fans to watch live streaming football games without access to cable, satellite, or their own stand-alone streaming service. The NFL Network was designed as a place for fans to see not only select NFL games but also keep up with news all season long and even throughout the year. The NFL Network is home to Thursday Night Football and the NFL Red Zone, as well as plenty of NFL Draft streaming coverage. It is also the best place to watch all of the NFL’s preseason games to see how your team might fare in the regular season. And now, it’s possible to stream NFL Network without cable!

The NFL Red Zone is a great benefit all by itself. Regardless of where you are, you can keep up with every game and every important play as the coverage switches from game-to-game all Sunday long. Fans of Fantasy Football know how important it is to keep up with every game, not just their favorite teams. And if you think watching any football game is hard without access to pay TV, try being a Miami Dolphins transplant in Patriots territory. But with NFL Network, you don’t have to sit in a loud bar just to watch your team on a corner TV and pay too much money for domestic beer and wings. But, what does that mean for fans without cable? Here is what we recommend for options to watch the NFL Network live stream.


Watch NFL Network Online with Sling TV

sling tv

Great news, cord cutters! Sling TV is a great way to stream NFL Network online! Sling TV NFL Network coverage was added back in 2016 to the Sling Blue package, which costs $25 a month. Sling also offers NFL RedZone as part of the Sports Extra add-on package.

This announcement makes Sling TV, which is already a great service for watching football online, even better. For those unfamiliar with the service, here are some key details:

  • Sling TV is a contract free streaming service
  • Packages range from 30+ to 60+ channels
  • Prices start at just $20 a month, and even the largest package is only $40 a month
  • Enjoy live football on ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, NBC, FOX and more
  • Enjoy other entertainment on AMC, CNN, TNT, Comedy Central, HGTV, TBS and many more
  • Watch NFL Network on Apple TV, Roku, and most other streaming devices
  • Also use your smartphone, smart TV, computer, etc.
  • Don’t have a streaming device? Prepay for a few months in advance and get a free streaming player!
  • Note: Thursday Night Football games that are simulcasting on CBS will be blacked out on NFL Network with Sling TV. Games simulcasting on NBC will be available, however.

Now that both NFL Network and NFL RedZone are offered, this already amazing service just got amazing-er! You can read our Sling TV review for full details. If you want to keep the service long-term, take advantage of one of the free device deals and enjoy watching NFL Network on Roku knowing that you scored a great deal!

In addition to Thursday Night Football, NFL Network will be very useful for NFL Preseason streaming, as the network will host all 65 preseason games – even those usually only airing on local channels. Not all games are offered live, but many are, and the remaining games will be played on replay.

Click here to try Sling TV free for a full week to get the NFL Network live stream free!


PlayStation Vue Will Offer NFL Network Streaming

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another live streaming service that offers a way to watch NFL Network without cable. It works on many major streaming devices and PlayStation consoles. Vue recently announced that they would be adding NFL Network to their channel lineup, which is great news for cord-cutters.

PlayStation Vue has plans starting from thirty bucks a month, and the plan with NFL Network included is $35/month. So, it’s a bit more expensive than Sling. Read our PlayStation Vue review for details. Or, watch NFL Network online free with PS Vue’s 5-day free trial!


Watch NFL Network Live Stream on VIDGO When It Launches

nfl network live stream

The newest player in live streaming online television, VIDGO, just announced they will be including the NFL Network in their customizable packages when they launch in the near future. We don’t need to tell you how huge this is. We have been watching the news on VIDGO since it was announced at CES 2016. While we don’t have complete details, yet, what we know so far is pretty epic.

For example, VIDGO has promised to offer live, HD streaming of local networks including CBS, which is usually very difficult to get without pay TV, their standalone app, or a digital antenna. They will also offer PBS on their service, which is new for the online market.

It will not come as a surprise to us if sports fans flock to VIDGO when it is released. With access to the NFL Network live stream, the build-your-own programming packages, and accessibility on most devices including phones, computers, and streaming players, we expect it to be impressive.


Are There Other Services that offer the NFL Network Live Stream?

The short answer to this question is no. Right now, the other major players in the live streaming arena don’t have options to allow fans to watch NFL Network online. However, it is important to note that they do update their programming regularly and, if they want to stay competitive with the newest services, they may change their minds.

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