NFL Sunday Ticket Online Review: Streaming Service Expands for 2016 Season

NFL Sunday Ticket Online

The NFL Season is one of the best times of the year and more and more options have come onto the market that allow you to watch it without cable. The NFL Sunday Ticket is one of those services and it is a great option for anyone looking to either watch the NFL without cable or just wants to watch NFL games online on Sundays. It is a great option to watch more than what is being broadcast in your area and some of its features are ideal for the diehard football fan. Below, find out more about NFL Sunday Ticket online and how it can help you enjoy the hard-hitting NFL action that you crave!

Below we touch on all the questions you may have like – How much does NFL Sunday Ticket cost? Which games can I watch? How can I stream football with NFL Sunday Ticket? All of these and more are covered below, so keep reading our NFL Sunday Ticket Online review to learn more!


What Is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a football package that is offered by DirecTV. It provides live access to all out-of-market Sunday NFL games. The standard service is only available to DirecTV subscribers. For subscribers, Sunday Ticket is available for free as part of the DirecTV Choice package (and every package above that). The Choice package is $60 a month and requires a 2-year contract, but it offers a ton of value as a complete TV solution.

NFL Sunday Ticket is one of the most popular services for NFL fans, and it’s easy to see why given the huge selection of live and on-demand NFL action it offers. The service is $50 on it’s own, but is included with many DirecTV packages which start at $60 a month. So, if you’re looking for a complete TV- and sports-watching solution, DirecTV is a good bet.

NFL Sunday Ticket, and DirecTV in general, is a great service. However, today we’re here to talk about a specific off-shoot of this service, known as NFL Sunday Ticket Online or NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming. This streaming version is available without a satellite or cable subscription, so it’s great for folks who have cut the cord but still want to watch football. Unfortunately, this service is available only to certain people, which we’ll explain below.


Who Can Get NFL Sunday Ticket Online?

For NFL Sunday Ticket, all DirecTV satellite subscribers in the US can get the service.

However, for NFL Sunday Ticket Online, which is offered without a satellite subscription, the eligibility is more limited. The following groups of people can qualify to subscribe to this service:

  • Anyone who cannot subscribe to DirecTV Satellite packages because of their residence type. For example, many people who live in dorms, apartments or condos cannot get satellite service, and will therefore qualify for the satellite-free online streaming version of Sunday Ticket.
  • Residents of San Francisco, Philadelphia or New York City should be able to get the streaming version.
  • Students of select 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities (most schools qualify)


What is the Price to Sign Up and Watch NFL Sunday Ticket Online?

If you want to sign up and watch NFL Sunday Ticket streaming it will cost $49.99 per month for a four months subscription at the moment. NFL Sunday Ticket is offered by DirecTV to let fans live stream NFL games during the preseason and regular season. It has been around for a couple of years and every year gets improved features and compatibility.

You can also pay $74.99 per month for four months if you want to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket Max. You get access to the NFL Network’s Red Zone and DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone channel. Plus, you get all the other access you receive with the regular subscription. Also, students at 4- or 2-year college institutions can get NFL Sunday Ticket for only $24.99 per month for four months.


Which Games Can you Watch During the NFL Season?

NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming provides live access to all out-of-market NFL games. “Out of market” means games that aren’t being broadcast in your local market or broadcast nationally. So, you won’t be able to watch live coverage of local teams, so the service is best for folks who live further away from their favorite teams.

NFL Sunday Ticket is not a full NFL coverage service. This means, you cannot watch any of the games that are being broadcast in your market. But, when you are watching NFL Sunday Ticket online you can watch every other NFL game each Sunday around the country. The service is great for keeping up with favorite players or other favorite teams. In fact, there are a bunch of great features available that make it incredibly easy to do just that.


What Are The Features of NFL Sunday Ticket Online?

Here are some of the features the $49.99 per month (or $25 a month for students!) price tag gets you:

  • Access to the NFL Sunday Ticket App– You can stream NFL games live right on the app on Sundays. Plus, it gets you access to live scores, updates on big plays, and even highlights. You can also set it up to follow your favorite players or fantasy football team while you are watching a game on NFL Sunday Ticket streaming. So, you do not need to be
  • Watch Multiple Games at Once– With a subscription you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket online with four or eight games going live. You can basically set up your own broadcast booth and watch each game on the screen with live score and the clock. If you want to watch a specific game, you can just click on it to make it full screen.
  • Player Tracker– Beyond just the app, you can easily track up to 20 of your favorite players on NFL Sunday Ticket. You not only can check on their stats, but get alerts whenever they make a big play.
  • Condensed Replays- One of the things NFL Sunday Ticket offers is the ability to watch the games on replay later in the week without commercials. You get a shortened version of a game, about 30 minutes long, to watch at your convenience.


How You Can Watch NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming

The compatibility listing for NFL Sunday Ticket streaming is impressive. This year they are adding Apple TV and the service will be available on Apple’s newest, fourth-generation box. In addition, you can stream on your computer or your phone or tablet with an iOS, Android, Windows, or Kindle device. Additionally, you can watch on your TV with either a Roku device, Chromecast, XBOX console, PlayStation Console, or the Apple TV.


If any more details of the service come up, I will make sure to update the service. If you do have any questions on availability or the service in general make sure to comment below.

If you are interested in finding out other ways to stream NFL games all season long, check out our full NFL guide for cable cutters.

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