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North Carolina vs. Syracuse is the final game of the Final Four. The winner of this game will move on to the NCAA Championship. Want to watch the North Carolina vs. Syracuse live stream online?

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As the NCAA Tournament Championship looms around the corner, two teams battle for victory: North Carolina, and Syracuse. On Saturday, April 2nd, these two dominant teams will face off for the last game of the Final Four. The winner will move on to the Championship game. The loser will be out for the season. Want to watch the North Carolina vs. Syracuse live stream? Read on for more.

In a game with so much at stake, all eyes will be trained on these two teams. As the #1 ranking team, North Carolina is the expected favorite. But with their explosive late-season performance, Syracuse presents a significant challenge to the favorite. This game could really go either way, which is why it promises to be an intense match up. If you’d like to watch North Carolina vs. Syracuse online, here are your options:


Watch the North Carolina vs. Syracuse Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best method to watch the Final Four games online. This streaming service is changing the way people watch TV, and it’s our top recommendation for cord cutters.

Basically, Sling TV provides the same content as a basic cable subscription, without the huge expense or long-term contracts. You can read the full details in our Sling TV review. For now, here are the basics:

  • Just $20 per month
  • NO contract required – cancel at any time
  • Provides LIVE access to 20+ of the best TV channels
  • Enjoy ESPN, TNT, TBS, AMC, CNN and many more
  • Since Sling TV includes TBS, you can watch the North Carolina vs. Syracuse live stream easily
  • Watch from anywhere with an internet connection
  • View live TV on your computer, tablet, smartphone, or streaming player
  • Don’t have a streaming player? Get a FREE Roku 2 with 3 months of Sling TV
  • Try the service for FREE for a full week with the free 7-day trial

So, basically, with Sling TV you can watch most of the same content that you’re used to with cable, without the huge expense. If 20+ channels aren’t enough for you, Sling offers add-on packages for as little as $5 a month. And again, everything is available without a contract, so there’s no need to commit to anything more than a month.

Are you a T-Mobile customer? If so, you can get an exclusive 30% discount on Sling TV, bringing it down to just $14 a month! Sign up for Sling TV with your T-Mobile account to lock in your savings. You’ll still be able to try the free trial, as well!


Use PlayStation Vue to Watch North Carolina vs. Syracuse Online

Playstation Vue

Another good option is PlayStation Vue, Sony’s new streaming service. Formally only available in select cities, Vue is now live nationwide and available at the reduced price of $29.99 per month.

Basically, PlayStation Vue is similar to Sling TV in that it provides subscribers with direct, live access to TV channels. Vue offers a wide selection of channels, with the basic package offering 50+ channels for $29.99 per month. This package includes TBS, which is the network that will host the North Carolina vs. Syracuse game. There are other packages offering even more channels.

Like Sling TV, Vue works from anywhere with an internet connection. Being that it’s a newer service, it is currently not compatible with as many devices as its competitors. Currently, you can use Vue on PlayStation gaming consoles (PS3 + PS4), Amazon Fire TV, iOS devices, and Chromecast.

If you’re interested in trying the service out, we’ve put together a full review of PlayStation Vue. You can also try the service out for free with a 7-day free trial!


North Carolina vs. Syracuse Live Stream Schedule

North Carolina and Syracuse will face off live on Saturday, April 2nd at approximately 8:49 p.m. ET on TBS. If you don’t have cable, you can enjoy the game live on Sling TV or PlayStation Vue.


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