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2016 Rio Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games are underway at last, and Olympics Soccer is looking to be one of the most exciting events of the Games. Want to watch Olympics Soccer online?

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The Olympics soccer tournaments are some of the largest international soccer tournaments in the world. Similar to the FIFA World Cup, the best of the best come to compete for their countries and it is always exciting to watch. In 2012 at the London Olympics, the United States won the women’s tournament and Mexico won on the men’s side. Surely, Brazil will hope to win either the men’s or women’s tournament in front of their home crowd and both teams are talented enough to do just that. If you’re curious about how to watch Olympics soccer online, learn how in the guide below.

The soccer tournaments will take place over more than two weeks and will be something you should not miss. There are multiple options to watch Olympics soccer online, even if you do not have cable. There will be matches going on at many times during the day, so it will be huge if you can access a live stream if your goal is to keep up with the tournaments. Read on for plenty of more information!


Use Sling TV to Enjoy Olympics Soccer Live Stream

sling tv

Dish Network’s steaming service, Sling TV, will let you watch an Olympics soccer live stream on just about every popular device. One of the starting packages, Sling Blue, costs only $25 per month and features NBCSN and USA, which will be two of the channels broadcasting soccer games during the Olympics. Some of the other channels on Sling Blue are AMC, TNT, TBS, FS1, CNN, and FX. In total, you can watch more than 40 different cable channels.

MSNBC will also be broadcasting games and Sling TV can provide access to this channel and another way to watch Olympics soccer streaming. You can watch MSNBC by adding the World News Extra package for $5 more each month. Not bad for only $30 per month to watch Olympics soccer online during the entire Olympics. You can watch Olympics soccer online free as well with Sling TV’s 7-day free trial. It’s a good way to test out the service before signing up on a monthly basis.

If you do want to sign up, it might be worth paying upfront for three months. If you do this you can get great deals on Rokus and Apple TV. You should head to the Sling TV site to check out the ongoing Roku deal and Apple TV offers when you sign up for three months of Sling TV. Both devices will be great ways to stream Olympics soccer right on your TV!

Find out additional information on Sling TV in our full review!


Sign up for PlayStation Vue to Watch Olympics Soccer Online

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue, offered by Sony, also lets you get nearly all the matches of Olympics soccer streaming. For a cost of $30 per month, you can watch over 50 popular cable channels streaming on your TV, iOS or Android device, or PlayStation Consoles. The channels include ESPN, ESPN2, FX, FS1, TBS, TNT, AMC, and many more. You can stream Olympics soccer on NBCSN, USA, and MSNBC, which are also featured in PlayStation Vue’s starting package.

The only downside to PlayStation Vue (review) is you would be very limited to watch an Olympics soccer live stream outside of your house. There are currently restrictions on streaming if you are not connected to your home internet, which would be a real letdown during the Olympics where so many events and games are happening during times you would likely be outside your house.


Get Olympics Soccer Streaming with an Antenna and OTA DVR

antenna DVR combo

During the Olympic soccer tournament, some of the games will be broadcast on Telemundo. Unfortunately, streaming services do not offer Telemundo, but you can actually watch it for free with an antenna. The antenna would also pick up other channels like NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS. The ability to get NBC as well would be huge during the Olympics, since the network owns full broadcast rights. If you need help picking out an antenna, check out our guide!

Now, to improve this setup we recommend getting an over-the-air DVR. There are tons on the market right now, as you can see in our comparison guide, but we think they are incredibly useful to have. You get all the normal DVR features, but you can also connect the DVR to the internet. This lets you watch a Olympics soccer live stream on your computer, phone, or tablet as your antenna is picking up the Telemundo broadcast. Plus, you can watch this and all of your recordings anywhere you get an internet connection.


If you are Outside of the U.S. You Can Still Watch Olympics Soccer Online

All of the above options are only accessible to those based in the United States. But, there are actually a growing number of streaming options for people who are in other countries. This will be huge during the Olympics, so you can keep up with your all of your country’s events. Check out this guide to learn more about all the options for enjoying Olympics soccer streaming during the Rio Games.


Olympics Soccer is sure to be a treat to watch this year, as always. Check the preview here to learn more about the teams anticipated to do well (including Team USA Women’s soccer), and get ready to kick back and enjoy the Games!

If you want to watch more of the Olympics live stream, then you are in luck. There are multiple ways to watch the games without cable, which we highlight in our full Olympics streaming guide!


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