Packers vs Cowboys Live Stream: Watch Green Bay vs Dallas Online

Date/Time: January 15th; 4:40 p.m. ET
Channel: FOX
Live stream: Sling TV (free trial available) or DIRECTV NOW

This Sunday, the 2017 NFL Playoffs Divisional Round continues with an all-important matchup: Packers vs Cowboys. These two teams have long been dominant forces in the NFL, and tonight, they’ll meet in Texas for a critical game. The winner will move onto the NFC Championship, while the loser will pack their bags and say goodbye to their Super Bowl aspirations for the year. You won’t want to miss the Packers vs Cowboys live stream, and luckily, you won’t have to!

Thanks to a few online streaming services, you won’t need cable TV to watch Packers vs Cowboys online. You can catch the Packers vs Cowboys live stream, from home or on the go, using one of the services described below.


Use Sling TV to Watch Packers vs Cowboys Live Stream

Sling TV reviews

The best service out there to catch the Packers vs Cowboys game live stream is Sling TV. This service is a complete cable replacement, offering 40+ channels for only $25 a month. All these channels can be watched live, just like if you had cable. Except it’s much better than cable, because it’s much cheaper, available without a contract, and you can watch from anywhere! Here’s how it works:

  • Sling Blue is a $25/month, contract-free package that we recommend
  • It includes FOX streaming in select markets
  • The Packers vs Cowboys stream will air on FOX
  • 40+ other channels are included, so there’s plenty to watch
  • Sling TV works over the internet, so you can watch from anywhere
  • Enjoy Sling on your TV via a streaming device, or on your mobile devices, computers, etc.
  • Sling is non-contract; cancel any time

While it is important to note that FOX is not available everywhere, it is available in most major markets. You can see our Sling TV review for more details. Also of note are a few limited-time promotions that Sling is running, including:


Watch Packers vs Cowboys Online with DIRECTV NOW

directv now review

Another great option to watch the Packers vs Cowboys game online is to use DIRECTV NOW. This service is much newer than Sling TV, launched just a few months ago – but it’s already making waves in the streaming industry

DIRECTV NOW’s base package includes 60+ channels, so there’s a ton of channel selection. FOX streaming is included, but only in select markets. The basic package is $35 a month, with no contract. So, while it’s more expensive than Sling TV, it does offer more channels. We compare the two services here.

DIRECTV NOW works on most streaming devices, computers, and mobile devices. Roku is not supported yet, but most other major brands are. Read our DIRECTV NOW review for a full list of compatible devices. They also offer a free 7-day trial, as well as a few free/discounted device deals.


Watch the Packers vs Cowboys Game Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

A third streaming service that can be used to stream the Packers vs Cowboys game is PlayStation Vue. Like the two services we already discussed, Vue lets its subscribers watch live TV without cable. 45+ channels are included, with a starting price of $30 a month.

FOX streaming is available in select markets, just like DIRECTV NOW and Sling TV. The downside to Vue is that it’s a bit pricey for what it offers, and it doesn’t allow mobile streaming outside of your home. Check our PlayStation Vue review for details.


Watch Packers vs Cowboys Game Free with an Antenna

antenna DVR combo

With a good digital antenna, you may actually be able to stream the game tonight for free! Quality OTA antennas will allow you to pick up local channels that are broadcasting in your area, which should include FOX for most people. If you have a OTA DVR, you can also record the game to re-watch it later. A setup like this will be very useful for watching all sorts of NFL action, when games fall on OTA channels.


Watch More Football Online

So, now you know how to watch the Packers vs Cowboys live stream, and it’s predicted to be an exciting game – but what about all the other football action? We’ve got guides on how to stream the NFL Playoffs online, and how to watch football online. Check them out, and let us know if you have any questions!

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