PSG vs Leicester Live Stream: Watch Paris St Germain vs Leicester City Online

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2016 International Champions Cup

On July 30th, Paris St Germain and Leicester City will face off during an ICC 2016 match up. Want to watch PSG vs Leicester online?

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While we’ve already previewed several matches in the International Champions Cup featuring teams that have fallen on (relatively) hard times, that won’t be the case Saturday, July 30th when champion vs. champion takes center stage. You won’t want to miss the PSG vs Leicester stream – and you won’t have to!

Specifically, current Premier League champions Leicester City will take on current Ligue 1 champs Paris St. Germain at the home of the L.A. Galaxy, with the winner giving themselves an inside track on tournament hardware. How can you catch the PSG vs Leicester live stream if you’re a cable cutter? Let us count the ways.


Sling TV Is the Best Way to Watch Paris St Germain vs Leicester City Online

Sling TV

One way to catch the PSG vs Leicester live stream is to subscribe to Sling TV. The match will be on ESPN, and Sling TV’s Orange package includes ESPN. If you want to see PSG vs Leicester streaming free, then take advantage of Sling TV’s 7-day free trial period.

The Orange package is available for the low, low price of $20 a month, and besides the free trial, you can also cancel anytime; unlike satellite and cable, there is no contract to sign. If you’d like to watch the PSG vs Leicester live stream in Spanish, then all you have to do is sign up for Sling TV’s Best of Spanish TV add-on for just $5 more a month, and watch the game on ESPN Deportes.

That $20 a month, while already a great price, is only the beginning of the value Sling TV offers. Because besides offering over 25 channels at that price, as of this writing they also will send you a coupon for Apple TV for just $89 if you pay for three months of Sling TV service upfront. If Apple’s not your thing but Roku is, then they have an even better deal: A voucher for a free Roku 2 (a $70 value) if, once again, you sign up for 3 months of service ($60…see how good this deal is? It’s like they are paying YOU $10 to try Sling TV and Roku 2 for three months).

Personally, I think T-Mobile customers have it best of all. Right now, Sling TV is 30% off for T-Mobile customers who sign up through this link. So when you watch on your T-Mobile devices, it will be $14 a month instead of $20 for the Orange package. You can still cancel anytime, still get the 7-day free trial, and no pre-paying is required for this deal. But I saved the best part for last: With T-Mobile’s “Binge On” feature, watching on your T-Mobile devices won’t count against your data plan. So, truly, you can binge on. We explain all the nuts and bolts of Sling TV here.


Watch The PSG vs Leicester Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

Another way to stream PSG vs Leicester is through PlayStation Vue. First, the disclaimers and brass tax (more here): PlayStation Vue is available on Android and iOS devices (so iPhone and iPad), PS3 and PS4, Chomecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV products. It is not available for on-the-go viewing; you can only watch PlayStation Vue at home (or wherever you are receiving the service). There are a few exceptions for iPhone and iPad, but not many.

Now, the good stuff. Like with Sling TV, you can cancel PlayStation Vue at anytime and there’s no contract to sign, and they have several different packages (starting at $29.99), all of which carry ESPN. Those packages come with metric tons of channels, from 50+ from their cheapest package to over 100 with their most expensive package. That means channels you’ve never even heard of, like BET Gospel or Centric. It’s a great way to explore obscure channels along with the staples like ESPN, TNT and CNN.


Watch PSG vs Leicester City Online from Outside the USA

Don’t live in the United States? You won’t be able to use the services we talked about above. But, you still have options. One way is to use a VPN to access ICC 2016 streaming. Click here to learn how this all works.


PSG vs Leicester Streaming Schedule

Date: Saturday, July 30
Time: 11:30 p.m. ET
Channel: ESPN
Live stream: Sling TV


This match is set to be hosted at the StubHub Center, the home of the LA Galaxy. With Paris St Germain and Leicester City, two dominant teams, facing off, this match could really go either way. Don’t miss it!

Want to know more about soccer for cord-cutters beyond being able to watch PSG vs Leicester online? We have a guide for that. For the rest of the tournament, head over to our ICC 2016 live stream guide.

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