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If predictions are correct, the Seahawks may just walk away the winner of this first preseason game against the Chargers on Saturday. Here's how to watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream.

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They are already saying to expect big things from Seattle, and that’s exactly why the Seahawks are favored to win in their preseason opener. The Seahawks take on the San Diego Chargers, in their first game back!

You can check out their potential for yourself on Sunday, August 13, when the game airs. The start time is 8:00 PM ET, so make sure to be ready to use whatever streaming device you choose! If you aren’t sure how to watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream, keep reading because we have a list of services you can use down below!


Watch the Seahawks vs Chargers Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW


There are numerous ways to watch Seahawks vs Chargers streaming on DIRECTV NOW! Streaming devices you can use include Chromecast, web browsers, mobile devices, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire devices. You can choose from one of four packages, which start at just $35 per month! You receive over 60+ channels, which include USA, ESPN, TNT, NBCSN, E!, TBS, Spike, and truTV! Local channels, such as ABC Los Angeles, are available in live stream, although they are currently only available live in major cities like Los Angeles.

You can find out if you like the service yourself, and even watch Seahawks vs Chargers online free using the DIRECTV NOW free seven-day trial! Make sure to check out the DIRECTV NOW review, because we have a lot of details on the service!


Sling TV Includes the Seahawks vs Chargers Live Stream

sling tv review

In order to watch Seahawks vs Chargers online, you’ll need the Sling TV Orange package and the Broadcast Extra package. The total package comes to $25/month. Sling Orange includes AMC, ESPN, A&E, TBS, and many other channels. The ABC live stream is one of the channels in the Broadcast Extra package. The ABC live stream is limited, though you will receive it in LA, which means you can watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream. Other add-ons are also available. Watch on a variety of devices, streaming and mobile.

A one-week trial is available when you sign up for Sling TV. Additional special offers may be available. You can learn more in our Sling TV review.


Watch Seahawks vs Chargers Online with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

One way to watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream is with NFL Game Pass. As long as you are out-of-market, you will receive all of the preseason games as they air. Otherwise, you will receive them as soon as they are done airing, on-demand. You can also watch these in-market games on local channels with an antenna. You’ll pay $99 per season for NFL Game Pass. It also includes all of the regular season games on-demand. Speaking of on-demand, you also get games from the current season all the way back to 2009.

A 7-day trial is available and it’s a good way to watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream for free. Check our NFL Game Pass review to get added details.

NFL Game Pass International is available if you’re living outside the US and need an NFL fix!


Use an Antenna to Watch the Seahawks vs Chargers Live Stream

In Los Angeles, you can watch the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream on your local ABC live stream. This means all you’ll need to do is tune in to watch on your TV. If you don’t have a digital antenna, our antenna guide can help you determine which antenna is made for you. Take the time to add a DVR (our DVR comparison guide is here to help) and you will be able to record the Seahawks vs Chargers live stream so you can watch Seahawks vs Chargers online later.

Here are the guides we’ve created for the Seahawks and Chargers, offering added details about future games and online viewing. Make sure to drop by the official Seahawks and Chargers pages for even more details.

Get added tips to watch NFL without cable in our NFL streaming guide. Our main sports guide, can also tell you more about watching sports online.

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