Seahawks vs. Jets Live Stream: Watch Seahawks vs. Jets Online without Cable

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Seahawks vs. Jets live stream: The Seahawks have the ability to beat the heck out of the Jets in their upcoming game on Sunday. This game should be an easy victory for Seattle.

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The Seattle Seahawks are not perfect this year, but they did manage to hold off the San Francisco 49ers in a fairly big win. On the other hand, the Jets haven’t been playing too well, as they were nearly shut out by the Kansas City Chiefs, who are doing about as well as Seattle is. New York is going to need to pull off an upset if they want to beat the Seahawks.

Will you be watching when the Seahawks take on the Jets on October 2 at 1 p.m. ET on FOX? Whether you choose to watch on your TV or you want to watch online, you don’t have to miss the Seahawks vs. Jets stream. Here’s how to watch Seahawks vs. Jets online without cable.


Watch the Seahawks vs. Jets Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV’s Blue package will get you set up if you want to watch the Seahawks vs. Jets game. You’ll receive AMC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, IFC, USA, and tons of other channels. NBC and FOX are both included, though they are only available in select cities. For FOX, live streaming is available in nearly 20 cities including Orlando, Philadelphia, Austin, and Minneapolis. You can also create your own package by adding available channels for a small fee. The Blue package costs $25 a month, and there will never be any contracts to sign. You can watch Sling on Roku, Smart TVs, tablets, and most streaming devices.

Start your subscription off with a free 7-day trial. After that, stay current on deals that will include Roku and Apple TV offers. Our full review has more information.


Watch the Seahawks vs. Jets Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is your second live streaming option. Three package and pricing tiers are available, offering between 60 and 100 channels. Pricing begins at $29.99 and goes up from there. Channels include AMC, Discovery, Lifetime, Food Network, TNT, TBS, USA, and others. The majority of subscribers will have local channel access delivered daily through their on-demand library. Meanwhile, if you live in Chicago, Miami, or five other big cities you’ll get your locals as part of your main package. You can watch Vue on a variety of devices including PS3 or better, Roku, and iPhone.

You can sign up for your free trial here. Despite having access to mobile devices, Vue comes with strict mobile restrictions. In fact, for the most part you are unable to watch things outside of your home. Restrictions will block you almost completely from mobile access. Here’s more about this service.


Watch the Seahawks vs. Jets Stream on NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a streaming service dedicated to one of the most popular sports in America. Imagine getting a shot to watch every single NFL game on one streaming service. That’s what NFL Game Pass offers you. You receive an on-demand library where every weekly game is added shortly after they air. The game library is huge, offering everything from Super Bowls to regular games back to 2009. If you like NFL movies and documentaries, there is an entire library filled with them. You can also choose between full games and full play, condensed games that only take 30 minutes to watch. NFL Game Pass works on a variety of devices including phone/tablet, Xbox, and Chromecast. If you want to sign up for a subscription, NFL Game Pass costs $99 annually and they offer a one-week trial before your paid membership begins.


Watch the Seahawks vs. Jets Streaming Free with a Digital Antenna and DVR

The best way to watch Seahawks vs. Jets streaming free is with your television. This game is on FOX, so you don’t have to do much more than turn on your TV. Don’t have an antenna? There are so many great ones on the market. The Mohu Leaf will scan for up to 50 miles in all directions to get you the most channels possible. Once your antenna is hooked up, consider pairing it with a DVR. There are equally as many, if not more on the market. Features vary depending on the model you choose. The best ones allow you mobile streaming options by pairing with your streaming devices. Our DVR comparison guide offers more information about the features, brands, and costs of the most popular DVRs on the market.


Watch Seahawks vs. Jets Online with NFL Game Pass International

You already know how great NFL Game Pass is, but did you know there is an International version, as well? If you’re living out of the country this is definitely one of the best and easiest ways for you to catch your favorite teams playing each week. Not only that, the International version of Game Pass allows you to live stream each game! The domestic version doesn’t offer live streaming, though games are available shortly after they air. With the International version you can watch the games in real time. All of the other features including condensed games and score removal, are included. You can learn more in our full review.

Now you know how to watch Seahawks vs. Jets online without cable! If you’re looking for the way to watch other games without cable, we’ve got an NFL guide for that!

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