Sling TV Competitors: Top 3 Sling TV Alternatives

Sling TV competitors


A few years ago, streaming services hit the market and Sling TV was one of the first of them. This has led thousands of people to seek out options other than cable. While once we had to choose from cable or nothing, now we can choose from cable or streaming and from there you have multiple options to choose from, as well. While the on-demand services like Netflix dropped first, when Sling TV was revealed it was instantly popular and it wasn’t long before Sling TV competitors began cropping up in this quickly expanding industry.

Now that we know a little about streaming, let’s look a little further. Your reading this might mean that you’re already aware of Sling TV, and for whatever reason aren’t a fan of the service. It could be that they didn’t offer the channels you wanted, so you’re looking for some Sling TV alternatives. Maybe you just want to look at the Sling TV competition in order to shop the best deal.


Sling TV Competition: What About Sling TV?

sling tv review

Maybe you ended up here because you’re looking for information about Sling TV as opposed to Sling TV alternatives. If that’s the case, you should head over to our Sling TV review, as that’s where you’ll find the most information. The rest of this article will be dedicated to Sling TV competitors so you can see what they have to offer in the event that Sling TV isn’t for you.

Note: As Sling TV is primarily a live stream service, you won’t find information about Amazon Prime or Netflix as they are strictly on-demand services. You can visit the Amazon Prime review and our Netflix review if you’d like to learn about either of these services.


Sling TV Competitors: The Basics

You know the basics of Sling TV and how they offer anywhere from 30 to over 100 channels. Now let’s look at three Sling TV competitors and see where they fall in terms of streaming basics.



  • Starts with 60 channels and goes up to 120 channels
  • Packages start at $35/month
  • Works using Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Provides a cable-like experience with a robust channel lineup
  • Offers a free one-week trial


PlayStation Vue

  • Starts with 45 channels and packages increase to 90 channels
  • Packages start at $30/month
  • Works using PS3/PS4, Roku, Chromecast, and more
  • Doesn’t require a PlayStation to use
  • Offers a free 5-day trial



  • Starts with 45 channels and offers some add-on content
  • The base package starts at $35/month
  • Works with the variety of streaming devices
  • The best option for sports fans with most sports content in streaming
  • Offers a free one-week trial


Sling TV Competition: More Details

So, now that you know the basics of the main Sling TV competitors let’s look deeper into these services so you get a better idea of which services would be more likely to appeal to you. In the following sections, you’ll find out all about the top Sling TV competitors, along with links to their full reviews and their trial offers.




DIRECTV NOW offers four main packages, starting with 60 channels and topping out at over 120 channels. Packages start at $35/month and go up from there. Some channels you can expect to find in the DIRECTV NOW channel lineup include AMC, Discovery, OWN, TNT, ESPN, FOX News, TBS, Comedy Central, A&E, Syfy, USA, and MSNBC. Of course, that’s just some of the channels that you will receive. If you want to add channels, HBO and Cinemax are available for $5 more per channel, per month. Local channels are also included, though most of the country receives them as VOD (video on-demand) channels.

DIRECTV NOW works on the most popular streaming devices including Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and even mobile devices. You can even watch on your computer.

Make sure to sign up for the 7-day DIRECTV NOW trial to give it a try, today!


PlayStation Vue

playstation vue review

Another Sling TV competitor that has come a long way is PlayStation Vue. While PlayStation Vue was created by Sony and PlayStation, as the name would suggest, you do not actually need to be a PlayStation user to watch or subscribe to PlayStation Vue. Plans of 45 channels start at $30/month. The four available packages include local channels on-demand, though in select cities your package includes live stream locals and your package goes up to $40/month.

Channels in the PlayStation Vue channel lineup include AMC, Discovery, History, Syfy, USA, FOX News, ESPN, FS1, FX, FXX, TNT, OWN, TBS, NBA TV, FOX Sports Regional channels, and many other channels. In the top package, you even get HBO and Showtime as part of the package. In lesser packages, you can add these channels for a small fee. PlayStation Vue also offers a cloud-based DVR that allows you to record shows and re-watch them for up to 28-days.

You can watch PS Vue on PS3, PS4, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices. While mobile devices are available, you’ll only be able to use them in your home. Otherwise, mobile restrictions will block you from watching anything. You can get around this if you sign on to TV Everywhere apps with your Vue login.

Remember, you’ve got a 5-day trial waiting for you!



If sports are your thing, the best route for you to take might be fuboTV. fuboTV only recently began offering cable channels, prior to this change it was all sports, all the time. Packages start at $35/month. You won’t pay any hidden fees and there aren’t any contracts. You get more than 50 channels in the lone package that is available. The fuboTV channel lineup includes FS1, FS2, FOX Sports regional channels, Comcast Sportsnet, NBA TV, FOX Soccer Plus, BeIN Sports, and many other channels. Along with that you’ll receive other content like Hallmark Channel, Lifetime, Bravo, E!, El Rey, and more.

fuboTV is one of the few Sling TV competitors to offer a cloud based DVR with their package, for free. You can add on additional sports channels and numerous foreign language channels for a small fee. fuboTV also offers a 7-day free trial, which is worth signing up for if you want to give it a try!


Sling TV Competitors: The Bottom Line

Each service offers something different and unique. DIRECTV NOW offers a guide that will remind you of a cable network. PlayStation Vue offers CBS and a cloud-based DVR as part of the main package. fuboTV is perfect for sports fanatics. While all of these are good options, you can expect more Sling TV alternatives on the horizon, especially as streaming TV continues to get more and more popular.

For the time being, the top 3 Sling TV competitors are DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation Vue, and fuboTV. Whether you want to try one or all, is up to you. All of them offer a free trial:

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