Watch Big East Basketball Online: 2017-2018 Big East Basketball Live Stream Guide

watch Big East basketball online

The Big East Conference is one of the leading conferences in college basketball. Teams like Villanova, Seton Hall, Xavier, and Providence lead the conference nationally and are always in the conversation come March Madness. This year is no different and some of the Big East teams will certainly be top competitors during March or even favorites to go deep into the tournament. If you’d like to learn how to watch Big East basketball online, you’ve come to the right place!

If you are a Big East fan, there is now multiple ways you can watch Big East basketball games online. The options are all legal and quite affordable, so it would be quite easy for you to follow all of the action the rest of the season without a cable package. Find out how to watch Big East basketball live stream and which option will be best for you by reading all of the details and recommendations below.


Sling TV – The Best Way to Watch Big East Basketball Online

Sling TV

Sling TV is the best option out there for you to watch Big East basketball online legally. Dish Network launched Sling TV just a few years ago, and it has become one of the leading cable alternatives. Its popularity has grown mainly because the channel streaming lineup lets subscribers keep up with a great blend of their favorite TV shows and live sports.

You can check out our in-depth review of Sling TV and read on below for some specific details:

  • Sling TV starting package costs only $20 per month
  • No contract, can be cancelled at any time
  • Features more than 25 popular cable channels available via live streaming
  • Can watch Big East basketball live stream on channels like TNT, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3
  • Some plans also include FS1, FOX and FOX Sports Regional networks
  • Can add more channels (such as ESPNU) with Sling TV’s add-on packages for $5 more per month
  • TBS, TNT, and truTV will all let you watch March Madness live during tournament time
  • Sling TV’s live streams can be watched on your phone, computer, tablet, or TV with devices like Roku or Chromecast
  • You can enjoy Big East basketball streaming from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Can even watch Big East basketball online free for a week with the Sling TV 7-day free trial

So, in other words, for less than a dollar a day you can get access to 25+ channels (or 40+ with the larger package) and be able to watch the majority of Big East basketball games. Plus, you’ll enjoy live TV shows, movies, news and more from TV’s best channels.

If you are interested in watching college basketball online the whole season then you’ll need a few months of Sling TV. Right now if you subscribe for just three months you get either a free Roku streaming player or a cheap Apple TV.


Use PlayStation Vue to Stream Big East Basketball Online

vuePlayStation Vue is another service you can use to access Big East basketball streaming. It provides a similar selection of channels as Sling TV.

Vue’s plans start from $30 a month, so it’s more expensive than Sling. However, it does offer a lot of options – with packages offering ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, TBS, TNT and more.

Vue works on many streaming devices, but not all. See the PlayStation Vue device list for details. Lastly, it’s important to note that mobile streaming is restricted on Vue. For these reasons, we recommend Sling TV over Vue at this point.


Watch Big East Basketball Live on ESPN3 with a Participating ISP

watchESPN app

If ESPN3 broadcasts a Big East basketball game live stream, you may be able to watch it on the WatchESPN website. If your internet provider is listed as a participating provider on WatchESPN, you can gain access to all of ESPN3’s broadcasts live. You cannot access the full range of WatchESPN channels like you can with a Sling TV option, but it is still another option to watch Big East basketball online. Also, the WatchESPN stream can only be accessed on your computer or on an XBOX with an XBOX Live Gold Membership. Check the list here to see if your internet provider is included.


Watch CBS-Hosted Games for Free with an Antenna

antenna DVR combo

One more way to watch Big East basketball live stream would be an antenna. The antenna picks up the broadcast from channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. CBS will air a solid amount of March Madness and college basketball games the rest of the season. If you need an antenna, check out our guide here.

If you want to record, pause, or rewind any of the action you can get an over-the-air DVR as well. To learn more about DVRs, check out our cord cutter’s DVR guide.


How to Watch Even More College Basketball Online

If you want to learn more about how to watch all of the best college basketball teams and conferences head over to our detailed guide that gives you all of your options to watch college basketball online.