USC Football Live Stream Guide 2017: Watch USC Football Online

The USC Trojans are one of the most exciting teams in the PAC 12. Want to watch USC football games online?

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*Some games are region-locked and not available nationally -- check your local listings

Most USC football games air on the ESPN family of networks, including ESPN2 and ABC. ESPN also offers an online only app, WatchESPN, where you can stream some games live. Others air on FOX networks or Pac 12 Network.

Don’t worry. This is the era of cable cutting and there are plenty of options for fans both in and out of market to enjoy a USC football live stream without cable. Check out how to watch USC football online in this full live stream and on-demand guide.


Watch USC Football Online with Sling TV

what is sling tv

You’ve probably heard of Dish Network, but you may not be familiar with their online streaming content service. Sling TV offers you the best of a cable subscription without a cable subscription…yes, it’s essentially cable without the contract, allowing you to live stream popular channels over your internet connection.

With Sling TV’s Orange package, you will not only have access to the USC Football live stream on ESPN or ESPN2, you can also watch games that air on ABC through the WatchESPN app, available with your login credentials. With their Blue package of channels, you get FOX (select markets), FS1, and more, so you can enjoy all USC football live stream action. So you don’t have to worry about missing or accidentally getting spoiled on social media the next day.

For all your college football needs, including USC, you can get Sling TV for only $20 a month. That includes their basic package with ESPN and ESPN2, among others. If you want more sports, add the Sports Extra for as little as $5 more and get Pac 12 Network, ESPNU, ESPNews, and more. You can even try everything out for 7 days completely and totally free. Once you sign up you aren’t under contract and can cancel at any time.

Need a streaming player? Right now Sling TV is running special promo deal just for you. Sign up for 3 months of Sling TV and you can get a discounted Apple TV or a FREE Roku 2.


Watch USC Football Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

Another option to watch USC football online is Sony’s PlayStation Vue. It’s like Sling TV in that it offers live streaming of popular pay TV channels, including the ESPN and FOX networks.

You can use Vue on PS3 and PS4 consoles, Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast, and iOS and Android phone and tablet devices. Vue (review) does cost a bit more than Sling TV, starting at $30-$40 a month. It also has mobile streaming restrictions that can prevent you from watching away from your home internet connection.


Watch Some USC Football with an Antenna

Some USC games may air on ABC or FOX this season. If you’re in the broadcast area of the local channels, you may be able to watch at home for free. Free, that is, once you invest in a good quality antenna.

Want to live stream or watch USC football from ABC on demand on your mobile devices? Then you can add a digital DVR that will record the over-the-air broadcast so you can watch whenever you want to. Check out the Tablo. The added bonus is that you can also use this to stream the live feed directly to your connected device if you’re away from home.


TuneIn Radio Has Live Streaming Audio

You’re in luck if you’re looking for streaming radio coverage of the USC football games this season. TuneIn Radio is an amazing service that gives users access to radio content from all over the country just the same way they would listen if they had an FM receiver. You can listen to USC football live stream on Saturdays completely for free.

TuneIn Radio does offer an inexpensive ($7.99) option for premium content. This cost will include access to all of the NFL games, too, which is a nice bonus. Check out the website for more details or search for USC Football to listen to the upcoming games.

Okay, now you have all of the information you need to get out there and watch some college gridiron. If you’re looking for more than just how to watch USC football online, check out our complete college football guide here.