Watch the Oakland Athletics Online: 2016 Live Stream Guide

watch the Oakland Athletics online

It has been an odd few years for Oakland Athletics fans. A couple years ago the Athletics were the best team in the American League West and then quickly plummeted to the bottom of the division. This year the team has shown some serious talent at times and may give the fans the hope they need that this ball club is trending in the right direction. It is certainly an exciting team to watch and obviously all Oakland fans have faith their team certainly has the capability to get hot at the right time and play some great baseball.

If you do not live in the Oakland area or decided to cut cable, you’ll be looking for ways to watch the Oakland Athletics online. Luckily, there are now several options out there giving you plenty of choices. Read on so you can decide what will be the best way for you to pick up an Athletics live stream this season.


Watch the Oakland Athletics Online on Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV, a cable alternative from Dish Network, is an easy way to watch the Oakland Athletics online throughout the year. TBS and ESPN will be the channels you can watch an Athletics live stream on with Sling TV’s streaming service. Sling also offers a skinny bundle with FS1 and regional FOX Sports networks, which may give fans a way to enjoy more baseball depending on your location and local TV rights.

ESPN broadcasts up to 90 games per year across Monday, Wednesday, and of course Sunday Night Baseball. TBS broadcasts weekly games the last 13 weeks of the season and has ownership to a Wild Card game, two Divisional series, and a League Championship series.

You get access to all this and over 20 other popular cable channels on Sling TV (review) for only $20 per month. You can watch an Oakland Athletics live stream on your TV with devices like Roku or Chromecast or right on your phone, tablet, or computer. If you’re interested you can even try Sling TV out for free with the 7-day free trial currently available. If you are a T-Mobile subscriber the $20 per month gets cut by 30% and T-Mobile customers only pay $14 per month for Sling TV. And, any mobile streaming does not count against data with the Binge On Plan.

Another deal, probably the best out there for cable cutters, lets you get either a free Roku 2 or 50% off a Roku 3 with a three month subscription to Sling TV. The Roku 2 even retails at a higher price, $70, than the cost of Sling TV over three months, $60. So, no matter how you look at the offer you are getting something for basically free.


Stream The Athletics Games on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

There are over 55 live streaming cable channels on PlayStation Vue and it will be another resource to watch the Oakland Athletics online. TBS and ESPN are included in the basic package and some areas even have local FOX broadcasts, but those are pretty limited. The starting plan costs $29.99 per month for PlayStation Vue and requires no contract. Other channels included are FS1, ESPN2, TNT, Comedy Central, NBC Sports, and many others.

You can watch an Athletics live stream with iOS devices, PlayStation Consoles, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV. You are somewhat limited in watching away from the house, compared to Sling TV, since you can only access Vue on your Apple products and several channels are blocked from streaming on the go. But, overall PlayStation Vue (review) is a solid option to watch the Oakland Athletics online all season long!


Use MLB.TV to Watch Every Athletics Game Live Streaming


MLB.TV offers an easy way for fans to watch an Oakland Athletics live stream every single game. MLB.TV’s well-known blackouts make it a little more difficult for local fans, but they do post every game on-demand about 90 minutes after completion. People from outside the area can easily watch the Athletics online every game and watch every game from the 29 other MLB teams as well. The cost to watch every MLB game is $109.99 for the season or you can pay $84.99 per year to get access to just an Athletics live stream. Learn more in our MLB.TV review.


Watch or Record Any Athletics Games on FOX with an Antenna and DVR Combo

antenna DVR combo

Throughout the season, FOX broadcasts several MLB games. You can easily watch the FOX broadcast by using a digital antenna, like our recommended option the Mohu Leaf 50. The antenna picks up the broadcast from network channels like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC and streams they right on your TV in impeccable, uncompressed HD.

Over-the-air DVRs bring an additional benefit to this setup. These DVRs, such as the Tablo, include the normal features like recording, rewinding, and pausing live TV. The Tablo brings even more features, because it connects to the internet. In turn, you can watch an Athletics live stream on your computer, phone, or tablet for any games broadcast on FOX and picked up by your antenna. Or, you can record the games and watch them online at any time you would like.

Learn more about watching the MLB online in our cable cutter’s guide to watching baseball or find out about other sports in our full sports guide! Shopping for a new internet provider? Check out our ISP deals page!

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