Watch the San Francisco Giants Online: 2016 Live Stream Guide

The San Francisco Giants have been one of the hottest teams in the Majors the last few years. They have a talented ball club and are always looking like contenders coming out of the National League. Plus, they always seem to get hot at the right time and make an impressive streak during the playoffs, which San Francisco fans will never complain about. This year is no different and you can never rule the Giants out as having a serious chance to end the year as World Series Champions. Want to watch the San Francisco Giants online?

If you are interested in watching the Giants online all year long there are plenty of ways out there, even if you do not live in San Francisco or if you’ve decided to cut your cable subscription. Below are all the details you’ll need to watch a Giants live stream throughout the 2016 season. Read on and let us know if you have any questions at all!


Watch the San Francisco Giants Online Using Sling TV

Sling TV

If we had to pick one service for cable cutters to get it would be Sling TV. And, it’ll be super helpful for fans to watch the Giants online this year and in the playoffs. TBS and ESPN are both featured in Sling TV’s basic package along with 20 other popular cable channels you can live stream. Sling TV also has a bundle with FS1 and regional FOX Sports networks, which may provide a way to enjoy th Giants depending on your location and local TV rights.

During the last 13 weeks of the season, TBS will broadcast games on a weekly basis and it owns the broadcast rights to a Wild Card game, two of the Divisional playoff series, and one of the League Championships. ESPN broadcasts more games during the regular season, up to 90 on the year, across Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights.

Sling TV (review) costs $20 per month and does not demand a contract, so you can always cancel whenever you would like. It’s a great price to watch a San Francisco Giants live stream. If you’re a T-Mobile customer you can get Sling TV for only $14 per month (30% off). Plus, any streaming on your phone does not count towards your data with the Binge On Plan from T-Mobile.

Other channels featured on Sling TV are TNT, ESPN2, AMC, CNN, and several more. So, other than watching the Giants online you can watch tons of other content. And, other than on your computer you can watch on mobile devices, tablets, or right on your TV with a device like Roku or Chromecast.

If you’re interested in watching the Giants live stream on your TV, then you should look into Sling TV’s current offer with Roku. You can either get a Roku 2 free or buy a Roku 3 for half the price when you sign up for three months of Sling TV. The Roku 2 is $70 retail, so you’re basically saving $10 and getting Sling TV as well. No matter which deal you choose, Sling TV offers a ton of value and is the best way to watch the San Francisco Giants online for most people.

Try Sling TV free for 7 days with their free trial!


Watch Giants Live Stream Online with PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue competes directly with Sling TV as a cable alternative for you to watch the San Francisco Giants online. They are similar services, but PlayStation Vue is slightly more expensive at $29.99 per month with additional plans costing a little bit more as well. The starting plan gets you over 55 cable channels and will be a way to watch a Giants live stream since TBS and ESPN are once again included.

Streaming options are a little more limited, but you can still watch the Giants online on your computer, or with PlayStation consoles, iOS devices, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV. Other channels PlayStation Vue offers are TNT, ESPN2, FS1, Comedy Central, and CNN. If you want to learn any more about PlayStation Vue check out our full review on the service. Similar to Sling TV, it’s definitely a solid option for a Giants live stream.


Watch the San Francisco Giants Live Stream on MLB.TV


MLB.TV has existed for quite some time now as the online resource for many baseball fans to watch a lot of MLB games live during the regular season. It will be great for watching the San Francisco Giants online if you live outside of the team’s market, and is often known as a great way for out of town fans to still watch every game. This is because games broadcast in your area will be blacked out, so you can’t watch the Giants online with MLB.TV if you live around San Francisco. But, you can still watch every other game from the 29 other MLB teams. Cost for the service is $109.99 for access to any game or $84.99 to just watch the Giants online (or any other single team). Please note that live streaming during the playoffs may be restricted.

Check out our MLB.TV review to learn more.


Use an Antenna and DVR to Watch or Record Giants Games

antenna DVR combo

Digital antennas have become a constant for the ideal setup for most cable cutters. Antenna like the Mohu Leaf 50 let you watch channels like CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC right on your TV in uncompressed HD. The picture comes through perfect and you can use it to watch any Giants games airing on FOX during the year.

An over-the-air DVR, like the Tablo, lets you record any of the TV you receive over your antenna. And, while you are watching the Giants live you can always pause and rewind. Plus, the Tablo lets you connect to the internet to watch a Giants live stream on your computer, phone, or tablet as you are receiving the broadcast from your antenna. Or, you can record the game on FOX and watch it at a later time with the Tablo anywhere you can hook up to the internet. Since the Tablo hooks up with mobile devices, you’ll be able to use it to watch the San Francisco Giants online when you’re out and about.

Want to learn more about watching baseball online; check out our full MLB guide. Or, find out how many other sports you can watch without cable here. If you need a new internet provider, we have a detailed ISP comparison tool for you to use.

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