Watch the Philadelphia Phillies Online: 2016 Live Stream Guide

watch the Philadelphia Phillies online

The Philadelphia Phillies have struggled over the last few years after being one of the best teams in the majors for a couple years before that. It is difficult to find one point of emphasis to place the blame on the disappointing seasons, but things just clearly have not worked out ideally. In spite of the previous years, there will be plenty of young talent to watch during the entire 2016 season and we might be seeing some future Phillies superstars come into their own at the moment. Want to watch the Philadelphia Phillies online? 
If you live outside of Philadelphia or decided to cut cable and are looking for option to watch the Philadelphia Phillies online, you are in luck. There are a bunch of options out there that make it easy to watch the Phillies live stream online or even right on your TV. Read on for more details!

Sling TV- A Leading Cable Alternative to Watch the Phillies Online

Sling TV

In 2015, Dish Network launched Sling TV as a serious alternative to cable and it will be your top option to watch the Phillies online this year as a cable cutter. Highlights of Sling TV include a cost of only $20 per month, no contract required, and live streaming access to more than 20 cable channels like TBS, TNT, ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, AMC, and A&E. And now Sling has a package with FS1 and regional FOX Sports networks, which might provide a way to watch even more games subject to your location and local TV rights.

Plus, you can watch a Philadelphia Phillies live stream on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV with connected devices like Roku or Chromecast.

On Sling TV (review), the Phillies live stream will come from TBS and ESPN’s broadcast of MLB games all season long. TBS offers regular season games weekly during the last 13 weeks of the season. During the playoffs, TBS has broadcast rights to one of the Wild Card games, 2 Division Series, and a League Championship Series. ESPN is more focused on the regular season and broadcasts up to 90 games each year across Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights. You can even try Sling TV and watch the Phillies online free with a 7-day free trial.

T-Mobile customers don’t even have to pay $20 per month, since they get 30% off of Sling TV’s starting package (now only $14 per month). And, any streaming done on your phone does not count against data if you have the Binge On Plan.

Another awesome deal, probably my favorite out there for cable cutters, is when you purchase 3 months of Sling TV you can select either a free Roku 2 ($70 retail value) or buy a Roku 3 for 50% off retail. Sling TV for three months is actually $10 less than the retail value of a Roku, so this is an awesome deal to save some money and start watching the Phillies live stream on your TV!

Watch the Philadelphia Phillies Online and Tons of Other Live Content on PlayStation Vue

Playstation Vue

A competing cable alternative is PlayStation Vue offered by Sony and it will be another great way to watch the Philadelphia Phillies online. The same channels will come in handy on PlayStation Vue, TBS and ESPN, but there are some differences between Vue and Sling TV. The starting cost is a little more at $29.99 per month, but you do gain access to over 55 popular cable channels like FS1, Comedy Central, CNN, ESPN2, TNT, and more.

The streaming options are a little more limited on PlayStation Vue, but you can still watch a Phillies live stream on your iOS devices, PlayStation Consoles, or with Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV on your big screen! If you want to watch the Phillies online away from the house you may be out of luck, since there are some restrictions on where you can stream certain channels on Vue. You can find out more in our PlayStation Vue review to decide if you want to use it to watch the Phillies online.

Watch a Phillies Live Stream Every Game on MLB.TV


MLB.TV produces live streams of every single game from all 30 MLB teams, so obviously it will be a way to watch a Philadelphia Phillies live stream. But, you will likely be blacked out if you live in the nearby broadcast area, so it is not an ideal solution for local fans. There are some talks of a new service to follow your chosen team and avoid blackouts, but it will likely require you to have a cable subscription.

To use MLB.TV (review) to watch every game in the Majors live streaming , the service costs $109.99 per year. Any blackout games are normally available on-demand within about 90 minutes of completion. If you want to follow just your team, for example you lived in a different city and want to watch the Philadelphia Phillies online and no other teams; you can pay $84.99 for the season.

Use an Antenna to Watch MLB Games on FOX

antenna DVR combo

FOX is another channel that will be broadcasting MLB games during the regular season and you can watch these games free by getting a digital antenna. These antennas, like the Mohu Leaf 50, pick up the broadcast from channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC and the picture normally comes in even better than cable TV since it is in uncompressed HD.

You can also get an over-the-air DVR like the Tablo to bring in all the traditional DVR features (record, rewind, pause, etc…) to this setup. It’s a great option if you can’t get in front of the TV during game time. But, if you cannot get home in time you can always use the Tablo to watch a Phillies live stream on your phone, tablet, or computer since it actually streams whatever your antenna receives through an internet connection.

You can get more information, including the Phillies TV schedule, at the official Philadelphia Phillies website.

Find Out How Cable Cutters Can Watch More Baseball and Sports Online

There are tons of options out there for cable cutters to watch all types of sports online, as you can learn in our full sports guide. Or, if you are interested you can check out our baseball guide to learn more about watching MLB games without cable. If you need a new internet service provider, check out our ISP comparison guide here.

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