Watch the Boston Red Sox Online: 2016 Live Stream Guide

Boston Red Sox fans are some of the best in the country and are often spread throughout the United States. Wherever you watch a Red Sox game there is a good chance you will see a scattering of Red Sox fans in the opposing team’s stadium. The last few seasons have been up and down with a World Series title and a couple horrendous seasons all blended together. Regardless, the talent is undeniably on the Red Sox and that makes for some seriously exciting games. If you’d like to watch the Boston Red Sox online, without cable TV, find your best options below.

If you are a Red Sox fan without cable or one who does not live in the Boston area, you are in luck. There are now tons of options for you to watch the Red Sox online. If you are interested, read the below guide and start yourself on the way to watch a Red Sox live stream on your TV or right on your computer.


Leading Cable Alternative Sling TV Lets you Watch the Boston Red Sox Online

Sling TV

Update: Sling TV will be the best way to watch the Red Sox online during the 2016 MLB Playoffs. You can click here to try a free 7-day trial!

Dish Network launched Sling TV as a strong alternative to paying for an expensive cable package. This season, it is a great option to watch the Red Sox online since TBS and ESPN, two channels broadcasting a lot of MLB games, are included in the starting package. In addition, TNT, ESPN2, CNN, AMC, and many other channels are included, so you can do a lot more than just watch a Red Sox live stream. You can even get FS1 and FOX (in select markets).

All of Sling TV (review) can be streamed on your TV with a device like Roku or Chromecast, or on your computer, tablets, or phones. The best part is Sling TV only costs $20 per month and has no contracts, so you can cancel at any time. You can try it out now free for a week with Sling TV’s 7-day free trial.

There are also a couple of great deals offered by Sling TV at the moment. One is T-Mobile customers get 30% off the monthly cost of Sling TV for up to a year, so it would now be only $14 each month. And, if you stream on a mobile device it does not count towards your data with the Binge On Plan.

Another deal, which is honestly my favorite one out there, is Sling TV’s offer for a free Roku 2 or half-off a Roku 3 when you subscribe to three months of Sling TV. The value of three months of Sling TV is $60 and the Roku 2 costs $70 at retail. No matter how you do the math that is a killer deal.


Subscribe to PlayStation Vue to Watch a Boston Red Sox Live Stream

Playstation Vue

Another competitive cable alternative is Sony’s PlayStation Vue. It will be a good way to watch the Boston Red Sox online and tons of other content since there are more than 50 channels included in the starting subscription package.

The introductory package, Access Slim, costs $29.99 per month, so you are paying more than Sling TV for the additional channels. Channels included on PlayStation Vue are TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, CNN, USA, FS1, and several others. TBS, ESPN, and some regional FOX networks in some locations will be your way to watch a Red Sox live stream with PlayStation Vue.

Local channels like FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC are available in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas. In other markets, these channels are mostly available via on-demand. A Red Sox live stream can be watched on PlayStation consoles, iOS devices, and with Amazon Fire TV or Chromecast. Compared to Sling TV there are some limitations, as you cannot stream certain channels of Vue away from your home, but inside your home you do have plenty of access.

Learn more from our full PlayStation Vue review here.


Use MLB.TV to Watch The Red Sox Online


The official streaming service of Major League Baseball, MLB.TV, can be a valuable service to watch a Boston Red Sox live stream. The cost of MLB.TV is $109.99 for the year and it gives you the ability to watch every single MLB game that is out of your local TV market. Or, you can pay $84.99 per year to watch every game of one team out of your market. This is obviously an issue if you live in the Boston or New England area, because it means you likely cannot use MLB.TV to watch the Boston Red Sox online. But, if you are out of the area it is a great option and can easily let you watch a Red Sox live stream during the regular season (live streaming restricted during the playoffs).

If your favorite team or a game your interested is blacked out, you can actually watch the archived footage of the game about 90 minutes after completion. So, you still do have options to watch the Red Sox online if you’re in the Boston area. There are talks of the MLB working on a way to watch local teams with the “Follow Your Team” feature, but you will have to provide an authenticated television subscription login for the regional broadcast area. Learn more in our MLB.TV review.


Use an Antenna to Watch Red Sox Games Live on FOX

antenna DVR combo

If you want to watch any Red Sox games live that air on FOX you can easily do this by hooking an antenna up to your TV. The antenna catches channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, and ABC by receiving their over-the-air network broadcasts. These aren’t the antennas of old either – our top recommended antennas have wide ranges and user-friendly features.

If you are someone like me who hates the idea of sitting through commercials or can’t always get in front of the TV for the start of the game, you are in luck because we have an answer for you. You can combine the antenna with an over-the-air DVR that lets you record, rewind, and pause anything that your antenna receives. The Tablo DVR even lets you watch live TV or your previously recorded content on your phone, tablet, or computer over an internet connection. So, this setup can actually let you watch a Red Sox live stream anytime there is a game on FOX. Read our guide to DVRs for more info.


Learn More About Watching Baseball and Sports Online

You may be surprised at how many options there are to watch the Boston Red Sox online. Well, there are just as many options to watching all of the MLB online as you can see in our MLB guide here. In addition, there are tons of ways to watch all sorts of sports online.

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