Watch the Detroit Tigers Online: 2016 Live Stream Guide

watch the Detroit Tigers online

The Detroit Tigers have quickly risen to the ranks of one of the highest payrolls in the Major Leagues. But, as the Red Sox and Yankees have experienced at many times it does not always pay off. Regardless of how the team is performing, the Tigers are still a solid ball club on paper. It is easy for Detroit fans to have the confidence the team will turn itself around and finish every season as a serious contender for a World Series. Who knows, maybe the Tigers will experience the perfect blend of luck and talent that leads any team to a title.

If you are a real Tigers fan, you know you want to watch as many games as possible. If you cut cable or don’t live in the Detroit area, you know these aren’t good excuses and you’ll find ways to watch the Tigers online or live streaming. Well, below is a guide with all of the information you need during the entire season. Read on Tigers fans and figure out what is your best option this year to watch the Detroit Tigers online.


Sign Up to Dish Network’s Sling TV to Watch the Tigers Online

Sling TV

Update: Sling TV is the best way to watch the Tigers online during the 2016 MLB Playoffs. You can even try the service out for free with their free trial offer!

Sling TV is likely our most recommended option to watch the Tigers online all season long. We recommend it not just because you can likely watch a sold amount of Tigers games, but also because the service as a whole is great for cable cutters. During the season, the two channels you’ll watch a Tigers live stream on would be TBS and ESPN with Sling TV. TBS broadcasts games weekly during the last 12 weeks of the season and several playoff series, while ESPN has weekly night games (Monday, Wednesday, Sunday) and broadcasts up to 90 MLB games during the season.

There are also other channel packages offered by Sling TV that include FS1 and even FOX. For Tigers fans living in the Detroit area, Sling TV even offers the regional FOX Sports network that airs Tigers games!

Here are some details on Sling TV:

Overall, Sling TV is definitely an awesome option to watch the Detroit Tigers online or streaming. And, you can watch tons of other MLB games, other live sporting events, and all of your favorite TV shows as well. If you’d like to learn even more, our full review on Sling TV has plenty of details.


Cable Alternative PlayStation Vue Lets Subscribers Watch a Tigers Live Stream

Playstation Vue

Another option similar to Sling TV is PlayStation Vue. It is another cable alternative that will let you watch a Detroit Tigers live stream and it’s offered by Sony. It is relatively new on the market and was extended nationwide in March. Beforehand, only a small amount of cities could subscribe, but now the entire U.S. can sign up for the Access Slim package for only $29.99 per month.

The package includes TBS and ESPN, like Sling TV, to watch the Tigers online. But, it also includes more than 50 other channels like TNT, truTV, CNBC, ESPN2, CNN, Comedy Central, and FS1. Check out our review to see the full channel lineup for each of PlayStation Vue’s three packages. All of the channels can be watched with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, iOS devices, or PlayStation consoles. In comparison to Sling TV, the differences are price (but you do get more channels) and there are some limitations on what you can actually stream outside your house. But, overall PlayStation Vue is one more choice on your end to watch a Detroit Tigers live stream.


MLB.TV Subscribers Can Watch The Detroit Tigers Online


Major League Baseball has been offering a competitive streaming service for years, known as MLB.TV. It is ideal for the baseball fan who is only looking to watch the Tigers live stream or any other MLB games online. For $109.99 for the season you can watch any MLB game that is not being broadcast on networks in your region. The blackouts do usually limit the ability to watch your local team, but if you don’t live in the Detroit area it is perfect for you to watch the Detroit Tigers online. In fact, you can even pay less, $84.99 per year, for a single-team version of the service. So, if you only want to watch the Detroit Tigers online, you can save some money by going with the single-team package.

Learn more about MLB.TV here.


Watch Tigers Games Live on FOX With an Antenna

antenna DVR combo

A digital antenna has become an incredibly easy way for cable cutters to watch quality cable channels on their TV. The antenna picks up channels like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC in incredibly clear definition. Any Tigers games on FOX will be easily watchable. We always recommend checking out our guide if you are currently in the market for an antenna.

You don’t have to stop at just an antenna either. You can use an over-the-air DVR and record any of the TV you receive with your new antenna. DVRs like the Tablo can even offer a Detroit Tigers live stream, since they connect to the internet. You can access the stream on your phone, computer, or tablet and watch the game live. Or, you can record the game and watch on any of the above devices whenever you would like. Check our guide to the top DVRs for more info.


If you are interested in learning about watching other sports online, check out our full guide here. Or, if you want to learn more about watching baseball without cable, check out our MLB streaming guide.

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