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The NBA Championship winning Cavs are always a treat to watch, especially when you don't have to pay for cable! Want to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online?

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Basketball is back at last! And for Cleveland Cavaliers fans, who cheered as they watched their team win the last NBA Finals, the excitement is thick in the air. Now, the Cavs are going to the NBA Playoffs again for the 2017 tournament, and fans could not be more excited! And for those who don’t have cable, there’s great news — there are more legal ways to watch a Cavs live stream than ever before!

Are you ready to watch? If you no longer have cable, you should know how to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online. If you don’t know all your options, read on to learn more about how you can watch the Cavs game live!


Watch the Cleveland Cavaliers Online with DIRECTV NOW

directv now review

For fans looking for a Cleveland Cavaliers stream, another solid option is to use a service called DIRECTV NOW. This service is a full-blown cable replacement, offering upwards of 60+ channels in the base package for $35/month, with no contract. It works wherever you have an internet connection, and can be used on most major devices – from mobile devices to streaming devices to computers.

We recommend that you subscribe to the $50/month “Just Right” package from DIRECTV NOW, which offers 80+ networks including ESPN, ESPN2, ABC (via WatchESPN), TNT, NBA TV and more. these networks will cover ALL the 2017 NBA Playoffs action. That means, DIRECTV NOW is your ticket to total Cleveland Cavaliers Playoffs streaming! Additionally, FOX Sports Ohio (home to ALL Cavs games) is covered for local fans.

For recent cord-cutters, DIRECT NOW will provide a welcome change, as it’s similar in functionality to cable – just a lot cheaper! Our DIRECTV NOW review has full information.

DIRECTV NOW currently offers a free 7-day trial for new customers.


Watch Cleveland Cavaliers Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming service from Dish Network that’s available without cable or satellite TV. All you need is high-speed internet and a compatible device. Basically, Sling TV is marketed as a TV-alternative, because it gives you live access to many popular TV channels, without the sky-high cost of cable. And it’s a great way to watch a Cavs live stream during the regular season and throughout the NBA playoffs.

Sling TV costs only $25 per month for the Sling Blue package, and you don’t need to sign a contract to get started. There are no long-term commitments or hidden fees with this service, which will be a welcome change from cable for most people. Sling provides a lot of content, keeping the whole family (and even sports fans) happy. Here’s how you can use Sling TV to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online:

  1. Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial of Sling Blue
  2. After the trial, you’ll pay $25/month for 40+ channels and you can cancel at any time
  3. Residents of Ohio and Kentucky, and parts of Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York will get access to FOX Sports Ohio
  4. FOX Sports Ohio will host EVERY SINGLE Cavs game of the regular season!
  5. That means, if you live in the local broadcasting area of the Cavaliers, you can use Sling TV to watch the Cavs online for every game!
  6. Even if you don’t live in the area, you’ll be able to watch all games that fall on ESPN, TNT or ABC
  7. Live NBA coverage of other teams since you can watch ESPN online, ESPN2, and TNT live stream
  8. With Sling, you can stream the Cavs game on most devices – computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, streaming players, etc.

Sling TV presents a tremendous amount of value for those looking to watch a Boston Celtics game live stream throughout the season. In fact, it presents tremendous value for just about anyone looking for an alternative to expensive cable TV packages. Plus, for a limited time, Sling is running some awesome signup bonuses, such as:

Sling TV offers a ton of content, from a variety of different channels. There really is something for the whole family. For sports fans, the coverage of ESPN and ESPN 2 is useful. Note that ESPN is not available in all packages, so check out the different options. For NBA fans, specifically, here’s what Sling offers:

  • Every Cavaliers game of the season (for local residents only)
  • Every NBA game on ESPN (games every Friday and Wednesday)
  • Every NBA game on TNT (games on some Tuesdays, every Thursday, plus the NBA All Star Game)
  • Every NBA game on ABC (access via the WatchESPN App)
  • Tons of post-game content from both ESPN and TNT
  • Live content from 40+ other great channels – up to 60+ channels available!
  • Full review of Sling TV here

As you can see, Sling TV gives you access to stream the Cavaliers games this season, making it one of the best ways to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers game online. And it’s the best way to stream the NBA Playoffs and watch the Cavs game live streaming as they make their way to the Finals. Plus, don’t forget all the other great content that Sling offers.

Try a free 7-day trial today!


fuboTV Offers the Cleveland Cavaliers Game Stream

For sports fans, few services offer as much sports streaming content as fuboTV. This service is specifically marketed towards sports fans who want to watch live sporting events without cable. It works over the internet, on all your favorite devices, and costs just $35 a month with no contract required. See our full review for details.

Chicago-area residents will get FOX Sports Ohio in their fuboTV subscription, giving full access to ALL Cavs game live streams of the entire season, as well as networks like NBA TV, FS1, NBCSN and more. At this point, we only recommend this service for local Cavaliers fans; if you don’t live nearby, you’ll be better off with Sling TV or DIRECTV NOW.

Click here to try fuboTV free for 7 days


Watch the Cleveland Cavaliers Live Stream with Playstation Vue


As more and more people move away from cable TV, more new TV-alternative services pop up. One new service that has potential is Sony’s Playstation Vue.

Playstation Vue lets subscribers watch their favorite shows on a number of popular cable networks, without the need for an expensive cable subscription. For Cavaliers fans, the most important offering is Vue’s inclusion of TNT and ESPN networks, which broadcasts NBA games every week, including many Cavaliers games this season and playoffs. NBA TV is also included in some packages. So, PS Vue does offer a pretty decent way to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online.

Playstation Vue (review) starts at $29.99 per month without a contract. You can start off with a free 5-day trial, as well.


Watch Cleveland Cavaliers Live Streams and Streaming Replays with NBA League Pass

nba league pass

For those looking for an all-in-one NBA streaming service, NBA League Pass is a solid option.

This is the NBA’s official streaming service, and it offers the most NBA content of any streaming service we know of. With it, fans can watch every regular season Cavs game LIVE stream, from their streaming devices, computers, and mobile devices. There’s one catch, which may or may not affect you depending on where you live: teams within your local broadcasting area will be blacked out from live streaming on League Pass.

What that means is that, if you live in the Cleveland area, you won’t be able to enjoy a Cavs live stream using League Pass. Because of this, this service is better for people who do not live near their favorite teams.

If you don’t live near any of your favorite teams, NBA League Pass is a great option, offering a ton of great content. For starters, you’ll be able to watch live streaming of up to 40 NBA games per week. Every regular season game will be available for live streaming, with the exception of game from teams that are regionally blacked-out.

If you miss a Cavs game live, you can also go back and watch a full replay with League Pass. Once the regular season concludes, you’ll be able to keep up with the NBA playoffs by watching replays, although live streaming isn’t available for playoff games. Plus, you’ll always have something to watch with League Pass’ huge library of past NBA games.

The full NBA League Pass service is a tad expensive, running at $199.99 for the season. However, there’s no doubting that this service does offer a lot for that price tag, so it still provides good value.

If you’re only really interested in following the Cavaliers, you can go with NBA Team Pass, which is discounted to $119.99 per season. This version of the service offers live streaming of regular season games, plus on-demand replays of both regular season and playoff games – but only for the single team you select. It’s more limited, obviously, but it offers a more affordable way to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online.

New this season, the NBA is selling Single Game Passes for just $6.99. This allows you to select a certain game, and pay a one-time fee to stream it live. It’s an affordable option if you only want to catch a game or two here and there.

*Please note – ALL versions include local blackouts – NBA League Pass, NBA Team Pass, and NBA Single Game Pass all black out local teams.*


Watch the Cleveland Cavaliers Online for Free with an Antenna

antenna DVR combo

Since the US switched over to digital TV, there has been a lot of confusion about how antennas work, what channels they can pick up, etc. Here’s the simple answer: an HD antenna can pick up all over-the-air channels, for free, without cable.

In addition to some local channels, there are several national networks that broadcast over-the-air – including ABC and Fox. You can watch a lot of great content on these networks, for no cost at all! ABC is a particularly valuable network, because they broadcast NBA games on a weekly basis. Check the NBA on ABC schedule for more information.

Surprisingly, using an antenna to watch TV for free is very easy and a great way to watch any nationally broadcast game, and stream the Cavs game live. All you need is a quality HD antenna, either an indoor one or an outdoor one (on your roof). Indoor antennas are easier to install and replace, and work just as well generally.

If you have the time to watch these games live, simply tune in at the scheduled time and enjoy the game! If your schedule doesn’t allow for that, the best way to proceed is to use a DVR to record the game. That way, you can have the game recorded and ready for viewing on your schedule. Our complete guide to DVRs will give you a basic understanding of the different models on the market, and send you off in the right direction.


Watch the Cavaliers Online for Free with TNT Overtime

Nothing beats free basketball! TNT Overtime is a new online streaming service from TNT, and amazingly, it’s completely free! As you know, TNT airs NBA games every week, but not all the games are put on Overtime. They’ll also show some playoffs games, so it may be another options for watching a Cavs live stream free. You can also watch the action from up to 4 different camera angles at once, which is a cool feature. This is a somewhat limited option, but it’s free!


Watch the Cavaliers Online from Abroad with NBA League Pass International

If you live outside of the United States, you can get NBA League Pass International. This awesome service gives you everything that we described above in the domestic League Pass section, but it’s blackout-free – meaning no teams are blacked out, and you can follow all your favorite teams throughout the whole season! It’s another great way to watch every Cavs game live. Here are some of the most popular links:

  1. Ireland
  2. Australia
  3. UK


International Fans Can Use a VPN to Stream the Cavs Game Live

If you’re a Cavaliers fan who wants to keep up with the action but you don’t live in the United States, your options are a bit different. One way to still watch the Cleveland Cavaliers online is to use a VPN service. Learn more here.


What Channel is the Cavaliers Game On?

During the NBA Playoffs (streaming guide here), all games will air on either TNT, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, NBA TV or ESPNEWS. ALL of these networks can be viewed via the DIRECTV NOW streaming service, which currently offers a free 7-day trial.

All Cavaliers game live streams will air on FOX Sports Ohio, a regional sports network available for locals via Sling TV. Select games will also air nationally on TNT and/or ESPN, which are also offered by Sling TV. You can see the Cleveland Cavaliers schedule for complete info.

Need more info on how to watch the NBA online? Read over the complete guide here.


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