Watch the Portland Trail Blazers Online: 2016-2017 Blazers Live Stream Guide

Watch the Portland Trail Blazers Online

The Blazers are always an exciting team to watch. And for fans looking to follow the action, there are more great ways to watch the Blazers online than ever before. In this guide, we’re going to show you all the best ways to watch the Portland Trail Blazers online – without a cable subscription!

If you’ve finally made the switch from cable TV, the way you watch live basketball is about to change. Luckily, it’s easier to watch live sports than it used to be. Nowadays, there are several ways to watch the Portland Trail Blazers online. Below, we will lay out various options for you – all of which are easy, legal, and affordable (or even ways to watch the Blazers game online free!)


Watch Portland Trail Blazers Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

For recent cord-cutters, Sling TV is an excellent option. It’s a great tool to help you transition away from cable, because it actually provides a lot of the exact same content that you’ve come to enjoy on cable. Here’s how it works, and why it’s better than cable:

  • Sling TV is a popular online streaming service
  • It works on mobile devices, computers, and streaming players
  • Provides access to 25+ popular TV channels (including ESPN streaming!)
  • Enjoy content from channels like TNT, ESPN, ESPN 2, TBS, HGTV, Disney Channel, and more
  • Just $20 per month, compared to $50-100+ per month for cable
  • Does not require a contract – cancel whenever
  • Gain access to the WatchESPN app, which gives you access to select sports content from ABC, ESPN 3, and more

With a single $20/month subscription, you can get lots of live sports content, plus tons of other quality content for the whole family. Enjoy movies, TV shows, and more on many of your favorite channels, without cable TV.

So, what about basketball? How does Sling TV help you watch the Portland Trail Blazers online?

  • Enjoy live NBA streams on ESPN and TNT
  • ESPN will hosts many games each week, and will also be useful during the NBA Playoffs.
  • TNT hosts several games each week, and the NBA All Star Game live stream
  • Enjoy select content from ABC via the WatchESPN mobile app – including many NBA games!
  • Basically, if a game falls on ESPN, TNT or ABC, you can watch the Portland Trail Blazers game live stream using Sling TV

If you’re confident you will enjoy Sling TV, you should take advantage of a promo they are running right now. Sign up for 3 months of service, and get a discount on an Apple TV, or a completely free Roku. With a Roku and a Sling TV subscription, you’ll be all set to enjoy live sports, movies and TV shows from the comfort of your couch – without cable TV!

Also, if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber, you can score an even better deal by getting Sling TV at a 30% discount! Sling TV provides an easy and cheap way to stream the Blazers game online.

Not sure yet? You can try Sling TV for free for 7 days with no commitment. You can also read our full review here.


Portland Trail Blazers Live Stream via Playstation Vue

These days, everyone wants a piece of the online streaming industry. Recently, Sony has released a service to try to compete with streaming giants like Netflix and Sling TV. Sony’s service is called Playstation Vue.

Basically, Playstation Vue (review here) is an online streaming service that provides access to live TV channels. There are various packages available, with plans starting from $29.99 per month for 50+ channels.

Overall, Playstation Vue offers a lot of content and a good selection of channels (ESPN networks and TNT), but its lack of device support and strict mobile restrictions that block streaming away from home make it come up a little short. Still, it’s another way to stream the Blazers game, so it’s worth a mention.

Right now, we recommend Sling TV over Playstation Vue.


Watch the Portland Trail Blazers Online with NBA League Pass

nba league pass

As more people are moving away from cable, more companies are offering online streaming services to help capture some of those customers. Recently, the NBA itself started their own streaming service, known as NBA League Pass.

With NBA League Pass, you can watch the Portland Trail Blazers online throughout the regular season. You can also keep up with other teams you like to follow. Here’s the breakdown of this service:

    • Use League Pass on your TV using a streaming player, or on your computer
    • Enjoy League Pass on-the-go using a smartphone or tablet
    • Watch LIVE streaming of all regular season games (local blackouts apply)
    • Watch on-demand replays of all regular season games, plus playoff games
    • Watch on-demand replays of classic NBA games from the past
    • Access quickly with social media
  • Local teams are BLACKED OUT for local viewers. What that means is that, if you live in the Portland Trail Blazers’ local broadcasting area, you cannot watch live Blazers games using this service. You can still watch replays.

There are a few different versions of this service, detailed below:

  1. NBA League Pass – all the features described above, includes coverage of all teams in the league (excluding local teams. Costs $199.99 per season.
  2. NBA Team Pass – all the features described above, includes coverage of a SINGLE TEAM of your choosing. Useful if you only want to watch the Trail Blazers online, and don’t care about other teams. Costs $119.99 per season.
  3. NBA Single Game Pass – a one-time pass for a single game of your choice. Useful for casual viewers. Costs $6.99 per game.

*All versions include local blackouts*


Watch Live NBA Games for FREE Using an Antenna (and DVR)

antenna DVR combo

Surprisingly, there’s an easy and free way to watch live NBA games, and many people don’t know about it. As we know, ABC is one of the TV networks that host live NBA games. Unlike the other channels that host NBA games, ABC is a free over-the-air network, which means that antennas can pick up the channel without cable.

If you don’t have an antenna, we recommend checking out our antenna buying guide. With an antenna, you can pick up ABC in full HD, and watch several NBA games this season. Take a glance at the NBA on ABC schedule to see which games you can catch live.

If you find that your schedule conflicts with the live broadcast times, you can use a DVR to increase your viewing flexibility. A good DVR (see our DVR comparison guide if you need one) will let you pause, rewind, and record live TV. Then you can watch your recordings whenever you want.


Watch Free NBA Games with TNT Overtime

Some of the games that TNT hosts are also offered on an online service called TNT Overtime. With Overtime, you can actually watch several games each season, for free! This is a pretty limited option, but we still thought we’d mention this service as it’s 100% free.


Watch Portland Trail Blazers Online Blackout-Free with NBA League Pass International

Do you live outside the US? If so, you qualify for NBA League Pass International.

This international service gives you all the same content as the domestic version, including live regular season streaming and on-demand replays. The only difference is that the international version is blackout free.

Packages and prices differ based on your country. Here are some popular options:


Use a VPN to Stream the Portland Trail Blazers Game Live Stream from Outside the USA

For international fans of the Blazers, one more way to stream the Blazers game is to use a VPN service. Click here to learn more.


Have questions about watching the Portland Trail Blazers online? Shoot me an email using the contact tab at the top of this page! Also, check out our NBA streaming guide for more general information. 


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