Oakland Raiders Live Stream 2016-2017: How to Watch the Raiders Online

Oakland Raiders live stream

The Oakland Raiders have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years. But Raiders fans are nothing if not loyal, and many people are excited to see what’s in store for their favorite team in the new season. And with a new head coach and several new additions to the lineup, anything is possible in the upcoming season. If you’d like to learn how to access Oakland Raiders live stream, this is the guide for you!

If you’re an Oakland Raider fan who has recently cancelled cable or satellite TV, you might be wondering what your options are for watching the Raiders online. Well, you’ve come to the right website! In this guide. we will show you the best ways to legally watch the Oakland Raiders online, without the need for a cable subscription.



With the regular season coming to an end, it’s time for the postseason! We’ve got lots more info on how to watch the NFL playoffs online. For the best method to watch the Raiders game online during the playoffs, see our tips below.


DIRECTV NOW Offers Oakland Raiders Live Stream during Playoffs

directv now review

Right now, the best way to watch the Raiders online is to use a new service called DIRECTV NOW. Launched recently, this service gives you over 60 channels for only $35 a month. It’s non-contract, so no need to commit long-term, and it works over the internet, so you can watch from anywhere – on just about any device. Here’s how it works:

  • DIRECTV NOW starts at just $35 a month (for 60+ channels)
  • Non-contract, non-commitment
  • Works over the internet – watch from anywhere!
  • Channels include ESPN, NBC & FOX in select markets
  • Watch the majority of Raiders playoff games online with this service
  • Enjoy 60+ other great channels, including TNT, CNN, TBS and more
  • Up to 100+ channels available in the larger packages
  • Watch on most devices – streaming players, smart TVs, computers, mobile devices & more
  • Get a FREE streaming device when you prepay for 3 months!

Most playoffs games will air on either ESPN, NBC, FOX, or CBS. DIRECTV NOW offers ESPN nationwide, and NBC/FOX in select markets. So, you can use the service to watch the Oakland Raiders live stream for the majority of postseason games (assuming you live in an area where NBC and FOX are offered). Check out our DIRECTV NOW review for all the details.

You can start things off with a FREE 7-day trial!



For Oakland Raiders preseason streaming, the services we discuss below are the best options. For more information, our 2016 NFL Preseason guide has all the info you could possible want or need!


Use Sling TV for Oakland Raiders Preseason Streaming

sling tv

Another way to access an Oakland Raiders live stream during the preseason is with Sling TV. This service will be very useful to have during the regular season, as well.

Sling TV (review) is a full-fledged cable alternative, providing subscribers with 25-60+ channels for live access, depending on the plan you choose. Prices start at only $20 a month, which makes Sling one of the most affordable streaming services out there.

During the preseason, useful channels included with Sling TV are ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC & Fox in select areas. These channels will also come in handy during the regular season.

NFL Network in particular will be of great use during the preseason, because every preseason game of 2016 will be broadcast on NFL Network! The Network will offer 16 live broadcasts, with the remaining ~50 games being shown as replays. Local blackouts apply.

Click here to try Sling TV for FREE for a full week!


Watch the Oakland Raiders Online Live during the Preseason with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

For keeping up with preseason games, no service can beat NFL Game Pass. For those who don’t know, Game Pass is the only streaming service that comes from the actual NFL. It was recently introduced by the league as a way to keep football fans watching NFL games, without needing cable.

During the preseason, Game Pass subscribers will be able to watch every out-of-market game live. If the game is showing in your market (meaning showing on local TV in your area), then you won’t be able to catch it live, but you can still watch it on-demand after the broadcast concludes. Read our full review to learn more.

Game Pass works on computers, tablets, smartphones, and streaming devices. It offers a lot more than just preseason streaming, which we will explain later on in this guide. The service costs $99 per year, and for a limited time you can try a free 7-day trial of NFL Game Pass.


Regular Season

The regular season is what fans have been waiting for; four glorious months of NFL action! See our NFL live stream guide for more information, or check the section below for the best ways to access Oakland Raiders live stream this season!


Use Sling TV to Access Oakland Raiders Live Stream

sling tv

Our top recommendation for most folks is to use Sling TV, Dish Network’s online streaming service marketed at cord cutters. Sling TV provides an affordable and easy way to access Oakland Raiders streaming during the regular season, as well as a great way to watch TV in general.

Sling TV has several different channel packages available, ranging from $20 to $40 a month and from 25 to 60+ channels. For football fans, the most notable channels include ESPN (which lets you watch Monday Night Football online!) and NFL Network (home to Thursday Night Football). In some areas, Sling also offers NBC (of Sunday Night Football fame) and FOX (which hosts many local games each season).

Also, don’t underestimate the value of NFL Network, especially considering all the live news and analysis they offer. They also have the NFL RedZone, which is an exciting Sunday program which bounces around to all red zone action going on across the nation, essentially showing you every key play and every touchdown from EVERY Sunday NFL game. RedZone also has none-to-very-limited commercials, so it’s essentially just non-stop NFL action. You can check the Oakland Raiders TV schedule on the bottom of this page for details on which games air on which channels.

For those considering Sling TV, first consider these special deals going on right now:

If nothing else, we recommend trying the free trial. You can use it to watch the Oakland Raiders online free for a week while you test out the service!


Enjoy Oakland Raiders Streaming for the Whole Season with NFL Sunday Ticket

DirecTV subscribers may already be aware of a program called NFL Sunday Ticket. This service is offered by DirecTV as part of their satellite subscription service. It’s a great program which lets you live stream all out-of-market Sunday NFL games. It is included with many satellite packages, or available as an add-on.

For those who do not qualify for DirecTV, there’s an alternative. It’s a streaming version of the popular NFL Sunday Ticket, and it’s an awesome service if you qualify for it. If you live somewhere that you cannot get DirecTV satellite service, you should qualify for NFL Sunday Ticket’s streaming product. A lot of dorms, condos, apartments, etc. fall into this category. Most students should also qualify, as should residents of NYC, San Francisco or Philadelphia. We have more information about the service here.

If you do qualify, you’ll enjoy live streaming of every out-of-market Sunday NFL game of the regular season. The service runs just $49.99 per month for the season, and you might qualify for a 50% discount if you’re a student (putting your monthly cost at $24.99/month).

The best way to see if you qualify is to simply call DirecTV. Call 888-648-7389 to speak to a representative of DirecTV and learn more about NFL Sunday Ticket.


Watch Regular Season Oakland Raiders Games On Demand with NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass

Game Pass is definitely the best way to watch preseason games, and it’s also one of the best ways to watch the Oakland Raiders online for the whole season. This is because with NFL Game Pass, you can watch every Raiders game of the regular season on replay on demand, at your convenience. Plus, stay current with your other favorite teams (if you have any!).

Here’s how it works: once the live broadcast of a game on TV ends, it will be added to the Game Pass digital library. Games are usually added immediately after the broadcast concludes. Once the replay is in the library, you can watch it whenever you want. This convenience makes Game Pass one of the easiest ways to watch Raiders football online.

When selecting a replay to watch, you can choose between watching full broadcast replays (2+ hours), or select a condensed 30-minute replay. The shorter replays are stoppage and commercial-free, so they’re just 30 minutes of solid NFL action – a great way to catch up in a hurry. Read more in our NFL Game Pass review.

So, we know that Game Pass is one of the best ways to watch the Raiders online for the current season. But, amazingly, it’s also one of the best ways to go back and relive epic NFL moments. With this service, you can choose from a huge library of past NFL games which includes EVERY SINGLE game since the 2009 season. Woah, that’s a lot of football! Over 1,000 games – so you’ll never have an excuse for being bored…

Priced at $99 for the season, Game Pass is a steal. Plus, for a limited time you can try a free week-long trial of Game Pass.


Use PlayStation Vue to Watch the Raiders Online

Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue is another service you can use to enjoy Oakland Raiders streaming during the regular season. It’s actually quite similar to Sling TV, in that it provides live access to several popular TV channels.

Vue has packages starting at $30 a month. Packages include ESPN, NFL Network, and NBC/FOX in select areas. So, it offers the same coverage as Sling TV when it comes to the NFL. Because of Vue’s higher price, we generally recommend Sling over Vue. We reviewed the service in detail here.


Watch Locally Aired Raiders Games Over-the-Air with an Antenna

antenna DVR combo

When the nationwide switch to digital TV happened, a lot of people assumed that antennas would no longer work. However, that’s simply not the case. If you have an antenna, you can catch NFL games live, so long as you live within the broadcasting area of your team. So, if you live in the Oakland area, you should be able to watch Oakland Raiders games over-the-air, without cable. To do this, you’ll need a quality antenna.

If you want more flexibility, or if your work schedule simply doesn’t allow you the time to watch games live, you can always record the game using a DVR. In our full guide to DVR’s, you’ll learn all about these handy little devices, and will be able to make an educated choice about which one you should buy.



If you live outside the USA, your options for catching an Oakland Raiders live stream are a bit different:


Watch the Oakland Raiders Online LIVE with NFL Game Pass International

The domestic version of NFL game pass, which we described above, is a very good service for NFL fans. For fans living outside of the United States, there is a similar service known as NFL Game Pass International. Basically, it’s the same service, with all the same great content – plus it includes LIVE streaming of regular season NFL games. Some blackouts may apply.

Follow this link to learn more.


2016 Oakland Raiders TV Schedule

*You can watch the Oakland Raiders online on replay with NFL Game Pass

*You can watch Oakland Raiders live stream of select games with DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV

Oakland Raiders TV Schedule

Source: Raiders.com

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