Toronto Maple Leafs Live Stream 2017: Watch the Maple Leafs Online

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of Canada's premier NHL teams, and they are always fun to watch on the ice. Now, you can watch the Maple Leafs online, without cable!

Where to Watch Online:

FuboTV button (free 7-day trial)

Toronto, Ontario is a destination city for many reasons. But the Toronto Maple Leafs may be one of the most impressive. If you want to watch the Toronto Maple Leafs lives stream without cable, how can you make that happen?

It is easier than you think to watch Maple Leafs online after you’ve cut the cord. With a growing number of cable-alternatives, fans now have several different options for Toronto Maple Leafs streaming. Here are some of the best methods.


Get the Toronto Maple Leafs Game Live Stream on fuboTV

fuboTV is a live streaming service that offers up over 45 channels, most of which are sports networks. You can use the service at home or on the go, on computers, tablets, smartphones, and streaming devices. No contract is needed to sign up, so you can cancel any time, and it only costs $35 per month.

Among those 45+ channels, key networks for Toronto Maple Leafs streaming include NBCSN, NBC (available in select markets), USA, and CNBC. Regional sports networks are also offered, but unfortunately this won’t be helpful for Leafs fans. See the fuboTV channel list for details.

Right now, you can actually watch the Maple Leafs online free via a free 7-day trial of fuboTV!


DIRECTV NOW Gives You the Maple Leafs Game Stream


DIRECTV NOW is a complete alternative to cable TV, serving up over 60+ channels in the smallest package alone. The service is non-contract, meaning it can be cancelled at any time, and costs only $35 a month. See our DIRECTV NOW review for details.

When you sign up, you’ll get NBCSN, NBC (in select markets), CNBC and USA, all of which are useful to stream Toronto Maple Leafs games. Additionally, NHL Network is offered in one of the larger packages, which covers even more live NHL games. And there’s a lot more than just hockey, with networks like ESPN, AMC, TNT, CNN and more to keep you busy.

Right now, new subscribers can get a free 7-day trial to DIRECTV NOW!


Watch the Toronto Maple Leafs Live Stream on Sling TV

Sling TV

There are a lot of things you can watch on Sling TV, including hockey. This subscription service is among our favorite recommendation for a lot of reasons. Many of the hockey games, including the Maple Leafs streaming, will be on NBCSN or NBC this season, which is available through the service. NHL Network, CNBC and USA are also included in some packages, which are beneficial for Maple Leafs Playoffs games. Additionally, regional sports networks are available in some areas.

Sling TV (review here) is only $25 per month which makes it an affordable complete option. It also works with a wide variety of players, including some of the most popular. You can also watch on your computer or smart phone. There are sometimes great deals on new streaming devices, as well.

You can also try Sling TV free for 7 days to stream Toronto Maple Leafs games at home or on the go!


Watch Maple Leafs Online with PlayStation Vue


PlayStation Vue is another solid online streaming service on the market. Vue offers 45+ channels in the basic package, and no contract is required. Our PlayStation Vue review has the details.

Vue starts at $30 to $40 per month depending on your location. It is compatible with PS3 and PS4 consoles, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and more. The most important channels to watch Maple Leafs games online are NBC (select markets), NBCSN, USA, CNBC and others.

Check out Vue with a free 5-day trial to learn more.


Watch the Toronto Maple Leafs Streaming on ExpressVPN

Watching the Toronto Maple Leafs live stream online outside of the U.S. is pretty easy too. For Canadian fans, check out ExpressVPN to learn more.


What Channel is the Maple Leafs Game On?

For Canadian fans in the Toronto area, Maple Leafs games air on TSN regional sports networks. For American fans, some Leafs games will air on nationally broadcast networks like NBC, NBCSN and NHL Network. USA and CNBC will also be beneficial for Toronto Maple Leafs Playoffs streaming. You can learn how to get the Toronto Maple Leafs live stream in the guide above.

Do you feel confident with your solutions to watch Maple Leafs online this year? You can also explore our guides to learn more about streaming NHL games online and getting the NHL Playoffs live stream.