Nashville Predators Live Stream 2016-2017: Watch the Predators Online

nashville predators live stream

The Nashville Predators are ready to hit the ice this season and not play nice. Fans will be excited to catch every goal in person live or at home. But can you watch the Nashville Predators live stream if you no longer have cable?

Sports aren’t as hard to watch as they used to be. You can watch Predators online, and here’s how.


Watch the Nashville Predators Live Stream with Sling TV

Sling TV

We think Sling TV is hard to beat when it comes to sports and general television content. There are tons of hard to find networks on the service so you can watch all of your favorite shows. But they also have a lot of great options for sports fans. You can watch a lot of the Nashville Predators live stream on NBCSN. Some markets also have access to live local channels, including NBC where other games will be aired, but unfortunately Tennessee isn’t one of those areas.

However, there is another reason Sling TV is perfect to stream Nashville predators all season long. They offer access to all of the FOX regional sports networks, including FOX Sports Tennessee. Every single Predators game will air on FOX Sports Tennessee this year.

And you get all of this for only $25 per month. On top of that, Sling TV is accessible across a huge number of platforms. You can watch on your computer, your smart phone or tablet, or several of the most popular players. Sling TV often has special deals, like a free Roku or discounts on Apple TV, so see if any of these options work for you.

You can try Sling TV for 7 days and watch the Nashville Predators streaming for free to see for yourself.


Watch Predators Online Live with PlayStation Vue


PlayStation Vue also has a lot of the same features, without the FOX regional sports networks. But it still might be a good fit for you to watch Predators online in the right circumstances. Check out our complete review to see if PlayStation Vue may be a better choice.

Vue is $30 to $40 per month depending on your location. It can be streamed with PS3 or PS4 consoles, Apple or Android devices, Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. It does not support Apple TV at this time.

Fans should also be aware that there are some major differences between the two streaming services. PlayStation Vue is tied to your home location, so streaming on the go is limited. Even with the mobile apps, content away from home is restricted.


Nashville Preadtors Streaming Content on NHL Gamecenter

NHL GameCenter

NHL Gamecenter is the streaming service offered directly by the National Hockey League. We are impressed by how many sports leagues are offering streaming only services to fans. With Gamecenter, you can watch all out-of-market games live streaming as well as on demand. However, local games will be blacked out for viewers, but they will be available later on-demand. This makes this service less convenient for a fan still living in their hometown, but particularly great for transplanted fans who want to watch Predators online.

NHL Gamecenter works with a variety of streaming devices including Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. It also works with your computer or smart phone and some gaming consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation 3.

The best value for the service is the yearly subscription at $131.49. You get access to every game all year long, but keep in mind that local games will be blacked out. Or, you can choose the monthly subscription cost at only $24.99 each month. And, NHL Gamecenter is now offering a Single Team option for only $105.09. This is particularly great for out-of-market fans.

Here’s our review to learn more about Gamecenter for yourself.


Stream Nashville Predators Free with an Antenna

For in-market fans, there is still one other great solution after you’ve cut the cord. You can watch any games airing on the local networks with a digital antenna. These new antennas are much more reliable and less obtrusive than their predecessors. To see how to buy one, check out our guide here.

You can also pair you antenna with an ingenious device called an over-the-air DVR. Like the DVRs you’re familiar with, you can use it to record live TV and watch it back later. But, as an added feature, these DVRs also allow you to connect to a device and stream Nashville Predators games live even if you’re away from home.

So, that’s what we have for how to watch Predators online without cable. We hope these solutions work for you. And, to see more about all of the NHL teams and how to stream online, here’s our complete sports guide to hockey.

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